Greatest Racing Games

Today we want to take a look at racing titles that delivered phenomenal gaming experiences at both the arcade and on gaming consoles. This list ranges from the best simulators to titles that specialize in vehicular combat.

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nick47612290d ago

I've never been much of a racing sim fan, so I was happy to see a nice mix of sims and arcade racers on the list. I definitely played the hell out of Cruis'n USA in the arcades, and the NFS series is probably my favorite racing series currently.

A sleeper hit, IMO, Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero!

BootHammer2290d ago

I forgot about Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero! This was great. I loved lining up and racing iconic imports at night on the interstate in this game =) Definitely a worthy nominee.

PixelGateUk2290d ago

Twisted Metal Road Tour, oh my days the amount of time i spent on the city roof top level. Good times, good game..the PS4 could use a new Twisted Metal

BootHammer2290d ago

Totally agree, a new Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 4 would be welcomed with open arms ;)

Der_Kommandant2290d ago

I'm still playing Twisted Metal 2 to this day

d_g2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

for me burnout was the 1st Racing Game

why it’s not in the list

PoSTedUP2290d ago

road rash3D
san francisco rush
NFS high stakes& hot persuit2
top gear rally

err, a bunch more. just some of my favorites where i had some of the most memorable fun (crusin USA, too, mentioned above). i still play GTII and would play RoadRash 3D if i didnt crack my disc. both still very fun to play, imo.

killagram2290d ago

Excellent list PostedUP. You forgot Rollcage though!

reallyNow2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

rollcage, driving emotion type s, auto modelista...

Edit: Jet Moto and Waverace 64 are also awesome racing games.

PoSTedUP2290d ago

thanks, i never played roll cage! :x

*slaps forehead* wave race and jet moto, of course! some of the best in the business! :)

InTheLab2290d ago

Wow right on the money there...

PoSTedUP2290d ago

thanks, then you have great taste in games. some were underdogs but absolutely killed it gameplay-wise.

Roccetarius2290d ago

We need a more improved Split Second game, but that'll never happen unfortunately.

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The story is too old to be commented.