PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's 'Beastly' minimum HDD size is 41GB

With the next-gen games becoming more detailed and larger, the file sizes for the games increase as well. Recently released titles as GTA 5, Shadow Fall, Advanced Warfare all take a considerable chunk of your PS4 HDD (with GTA V taking about 10% of your total 500GB HDD). A month ago it became clear that The Witcher 3 would require at least 40GB of space.

The highly anticipated Bloodborne from developer From Software seems to be another space eater. An anonymous 4Chan user posted a shot of the back of the Bloodborne PS4 Blu-ray box.

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vishmarx1324d ago

holy crap,the other souls games have been pretty small.
i wonder why this is so big.
these games do not have many pre rendered scenes or dialogue

VER1ON1324d ago

Of course these were released on the last-gen consoles and overall the texture qualities and such have increased a lot. Don't forget GTA, Advanced Warfare, THe Witcher etc are all around that size.

breakpad1324d ago

this is good ...a big game is coming

Forn1324d ago

Everything is bumped up as far as texture resolution, graphical effects, etc. Plus I'm sure the world itself is a decent size for Bloodborne which all adds to the overall data amount.

BG115791324d ago

There are random generated dungeons in this version. That alone may help the size of the file.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1324d ago

I'm on the fence when it comes to buying Bloodborne. It's an action RPG and other than Demon Souls and Dragon's Dogma, I really haven't been able to get into them.

VER1ON1324d ago

I must admit I wasn't into Demon Souls and Dark Souls either but after seeing Bloodborne at last Gamescom I decided I would give this one a go

Forn1324d ago

Well considering it's by the same studio(s) and creative director as Demon's Souls/Dark Souls I'm incredibly excited to play it. You should give it a shot.

N81324d ago

I was never really into the souls games either but this one is different. I think for me its the character design and the story behind it. I'm not a dungeons and dragons type of guy and that's how I felt about the souls games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1324d ago

I might give it a go after I see what other players think of it. I know From Software has an excellent track record, but i'd like to see reactions from gamers first, NOT REVIEWERS.

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ThanatosDMC1324d ago

HD textures and sounds... but still fairly small compared to Uncharted 3.

Volkama1324d ago

How big was Uncharted 3?

What's the biggest game available in terms of raw hard drive space? 65gb for GTA5 PC has to be up there...

deadpoolio3161324d ago

Uh what? Uncharted 3 was 25gb

ThanatosDMC1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Reinstall U3 without the disk. After all the updates, it's close to 100gb. U3 + multiplayer is huge. Just check PS store.

Base download size before updates is 87gb.

_-EDMIX-_1324d ago

He isn't that far off. Many need to understand that lots of PS3 games where well over 50GB after updates, content added etc.

@Volkama- if you didn't own a PS3, then you clearly don't know just how much some PS3 games took up.

Developers where free to use as much space as they need, thus the used as they felt just.

With DVD, developers had to make games with 7 gigs in mind, on PS3...they could make it freely with a 50GB or even 87GB limit seeing how Uncharted 3 had a 87GB download.

Its also why games like GTAV, MGSV etc have installs on 360.

Yet MGS4 is on one disk, KH collection...1 disk, Killzone 1 disk etc.

Consider those developers could make um.."GTAV, MGSV" type games without the hassle of going to war with MS about spending money on an extra disk.

Most just made games with 7gbs in mind based on they couldn't afford the extra disk if they needed it.

Outside of 360 take up lots of space, look at PC, look at PS3.

360 was actually holding back last gen as I don't believe DVD should have been used twice.

Bluray was a correct choice last gen as it made sense for gaming.

Volkama1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

@Edmix I have a PS3. Can't say I installed many games as big as 87gb :|

Looking at the comments on that uncharted 3 link, It isn't that clear how big it actually is. I can't really be bothered to set the PS3 up to find out.

Mind you you're the chap that claims PS4 games are cheaper than PC games, so it is quite possible you're just trolling.

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Kivespussi1324d ago

So... A fairly average current gen title. Though I wouldn't say 4chan is much of a source. Hopefully there'll be no silly day 1 patches or anything like that so I can play the minute it launches

VER1ON1324d ago

Agree that 4chan isn't much of a source but the size doesn't come as a surprise and is in-line with current titles.

Forn1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

It sounds like there will be a day one patch, but hopefully it doesn't take very long to download so I can start playing.

FullmetalRoyale1324d ago

That is an advantage of digital, as day one patches are usually available well before you can actually play the game.
I figure I'll always want Bloodborne to be a part of my collection, as with TLoU, so I decided to go digital for it.

Master-H1324d ago

4Chan isn't the real source. I've seen this image on Reddit before it was posted on 4Chan. The user claims to be a worker at Gamestop.

Jimboms1324d ago

Sweet Jesus that is massive.

ps4fanboy1324d ago

Funny enough, I get the same line off ladies when I drop my pants....

rayzorn1324d ago

you should have that tumor looked at. it could be cancerous. lol

Jimboms1323d ago

I love that some people disagreed with me on how big the game was, maybe I should've said it was tiny and then the comments below are even better.

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_-EDMIX-_1324d ago

I see you didn't own a PS3 or PC last gen....

(thinks 41gb for a next gen game is massive)

Oh...oh the deep LOLZ, you haven't seen massive my friend. This is legit nothing...

We got larger games LAST GEN on PS3.

Summons751324d ago

Ugh I hope not, that is ridiculous

N81324d ago

Haha physical version it is.

pivotplease1324d ago

Does it matter? The games have to install entirely anyway I'm pretty sure. Almost makes me wonder why we needed a 6X blu-ray reader. I guess just for the initial install process.

uth111324d ago

I prefer an all digital library, no hunting down discs when I want to play a game..

However my internet connection has different preferences...

kingPoS1324d ago

Why not? Unless your internet speeds are in the gigabit range. What's wrong with loading a disc to hdd, and bypassing the prolonged wait of downloading a huge sized game.

Gateway MT6706 2008

bloop1324d ago

Dunno why you're getting disagrees pivotplease. The installs are ridiculous. I've already filled my hdd and have to go on a deletion spree everytime I get a new game now. I remember thinking it'll be a long long long time before I ever fill that 500gb when I got the ps4!!

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