Does The PS3 Need a Price Drop?

As we've seen from the recent generation of gaming, game players have become a fickle bunch of people. This has started fanboy wars that stalk many message boards, industry changes such as EA's debacle with Battlefield: Bad Company (which they still pulled off by offering the same thing in a "Gold Edition" of the game...but that's a whole other issue) and possibly shifts in pricing and market structure as we've seen with retailers and companies trying to find that "Golden Balance" of making the sale while also earning the cash. With E3 right around the corner, this begs the question, does the PS3 need a price drop?

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sonarus4896d ago

They don't NEED a price drop but it would definitely help them out.

What sony needs right now is to get 80GB model in stock to increase their sales. They also need to start shipping consoles with dual shock. They need to swallow the losses from 6 axis and melt the thing for parts or something but shipping PS3 with sixaxis at this point is simply outrageous. If they are serious about online, they need to start bundling headsets with their big online games. Or have a high end PS3 with headset bundled in.

As is even with 100 dollars less assuming dualshock is included PS3 still stands the better system due to blu ray, free online and wi fi. They need to do a better job at showing this to the public.

gamesR4fun4896d ago

Its Sony if anyone can make thing smaller better and cheaper its them...
Id b surprised if they dont drop b4 next year with the release of the new 'slim' lol

mikeslemonade4896d ago

A price drop in September would be the best, or even to coincide with Madden 09 which EA is trying to warm up to Sony a little bit. It would be complimented by the natural holiday surge in sales.

A price drop now is almost useless and does not benefit Sony at all. 80gb bundle can't be found in stores still. The best thing they can do right now is pack in a greatest hits game and a dualshock 3 with the 40gb bundle.

Fox014896d ago

The PS3 doesn't "need" a price drop, but it will be nice if it did drop in price, in order to attract even more buyers.
I know a lot of people that want a PS3, but can't afford it.

MNicholas4896d ago

So, yes, a price-cut would probably make a big difference if sony wants to catch the Wii.

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unsunghero284896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

I don't think it needs a price drop exactly, but a price drop would stimulate sales. Sony is a business, so they can do whatever they want as long as when all is said and done they have made a profit.

Why must we go through this tedious dance every single year?

@ 2.2
No no, I did read it. I just think that the entire discussion is pointless.

VampHuntD4896d ago

You and the author agree actually, but the article explains why it isn't needed.

QueefyB4896d ago

does a ferrari need a price drop

unsunghero284896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

Good comparison, albeit somewhat inflammatory.

Solid_Snake6664896d ago

they make a nice comparason

theKiller4896d ago

sony doesnt need a price drop if they want to keep the sales at this pace but if they want a ps2 like sales then yes they do! thats just my opinion!

as for 360 well.... a price drop or not will not change anything in this console war! ps3 is the winner 360 is the last

QueefyB4896d ago

does a cow need chicken nuggets

unsunghero284896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

Not so good a comparison. Because it doesn't make sense.

QueefyB4896d ago

does an xbot need intelligence

unsunghero284896d ago

Now you're just asking for people to come after you.

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