IGN on Your iPhone

IGN: "You're at the game store, staring at a wall of new releases. Sixty bucks in on the line. Do you just go with the coolest box art and screenshots, hoping against hope you don't bag a total dog? Not if you have a new iPhone 3G or update your regular iPhone with the latest firmware.

IGN is happy to announce the launch of the IGN Game Reviews Application on iTunes. This free application gives you on-the-go access to all of our reviews. You can sort the reviews by platform, search by title, and even watch our video reviews. It's the perfect solution for when you're nervous about laying those three twenties on the counter."

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Sitdown3847d ago

I only wish that they had one dedicated for pocket pc.....I hate having to navigate their website to get reviews as I shop the clearance rack at Target.

drdre743847d ago

anyone tried this on the sprint Instinct?

Kyrue3847d ago

Makes me want an iPhone.