Insomniac Games' Drew Murray talks Ratchet and Clank PS4, Resistance and Sunset Overdrive sequel

Insomniac Games' Drew Murray discusses PS4 re-imagination of Ratchet and Clank as well as potential sequels for Resistance and Sunset Overdrive.

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JMaine5182343d ago

"Drew Murray also said that the Ratchet and Clank is “amazing to see on the PS4,” implying that it looked like a Pixar movie running in real-time"

Man I love me some Ratchet and Clank! I think we see this at E3 with a early fall release date. If it's soon then that's even better!

"In regards to Resistance 4, he stated that he personally may have some interests in working on a new game for the series."

Stop playing with my emotions like this!

Crimzon2343d ago

I'd be overjoyed if they ported Sunset Overdrive to the PS4 sometime, I've been dying to play that game. As far as I know Insomniac owns the rights to the IP, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the announcement of a port at E3. If not, I hope they put it up on Steam at least.

OmegaShen2343d ago

Sunset Overdrive is awesome game, but what keeps me from finishing it is the fail loop bug. Were it never reloads your last checkpoint.

Utalkin2me2343d ago

Love Insomniac, but i can no longer support them. Good luck in the future.

bleedsoe9mm2343d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

i believe it was Drew Murray on the colin and greg live show (it was a guy from insomniac), he said ms paid for sunset so it will never be on the ps4 , but insomniac owns the ip so that doesn't rule out future sunset games .

hey disagree guy , don't blame me go watch the segment on twitch , its what he said .

nucky642342d ago

no to sunset overdrive - give me resistance4

dafegamer2342d ago

sunset overdrive will probably stay on microsoft consoles(pc release? idk)

Tdmd2342d ago

You and me both.There's even a facebook page on this. lol

4Sh0w2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Love Sunset Overdrive....Yes they need to make sequel for X1, if it comes to ps4 then thats great too.

Blade922342d ago

It really is a amazing quality game. Loved it best game I've played this gen so far next to Dying Light.

_-EDMIX-_2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

" he said ms paid for sunset so it will never be on the ps4"

the deep lolz.

Annnnnnnnd you believe that huh?

They also own the IP....


I'm sorry but until MS owns the damn IP, the game is going any where Insomniac feels. Its clear they are under some contract still to not talk about a port, but I'm sorry, we've been down this road way, way too many times with MS to really believe any publisher at this point claiming it won't go anywhere.


Because they've never paid for TIMED GAMES BEFORE!

It will be on PS4 and PC soon enough. They wouldn't keep the IP otherwise.

bouzebbal2342d ago

Ratchet is all i need from Insomniac Games.
i love this series so much!

Pintheshadows2342d ago

I kind of want a Resistance/Killzone crossover game. Like the Chimera just invade new Vekta and it forces the VSA/ISA and Helghast to work together.

pixelsword2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I like that idea, but a Gears/Killzone crossover would be more feasible; seeing that neither species in the Resistance universe seems to be capable of space flight as they stand (Chimera are cut off from their homeworld and therefore from their factories, humans being technologically inferior).

Wormholes? It appears that the Chimera are capable of doing that given the technology that's already there; but not interstellar space flight as it stands.

Pintheshadows2342d ago

Hi Pixelsword.

I was thinking that it would be the Chimera from their homeworld. They clearly have some ability for space travel considering the ships they manage to construct on earth. I would like to see them launching a full on invasion on Vekta/New Helghan.

It may throw some of the Resistance canon away a little but I just think it would be really fun, and it would open up really cool opportunities for the Helghast and ISA to come together against a common enemy. And it would frame the Chimera in an entirely different light as well. I would like to see them be more ferocious and move away from the slightly b-movie feel they have in the Resistance games (although I am aware that is part of their charm).

I do like the Gears/Killzone idea but that is unlikely to ever happen.

richmoral2342d ago

I doubt it will go to PS4. Seeing as Insomniac has stated the reason they went with Microsoft in the first place for Sunset Overdrive was because they wanted to keep the IP. Sony wouldn't allow it and Microsoft did. If it was made PS4 exclusive instead Sony would own the IP. At least that's what they have stated.

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Muzikguy2343d ago

I think all that is great! I'm a bit tired of hearing about how games look like a Pixar movie though. They haven't gotten there yet

Bebedora2343d ago

Yeah. Getting a bit old. I do love the art style though.

CobraKai2342d ago

I've been hearing that since the advent of the PS2.

Although we will always be hearing this due to the fact that as videogame graphics evolve, so does Pixar movies.

Pixar... Videogaming's unicorn.

kingPoS2342d ago

Speaking of Pixar, anyone know if they rented amy of Pixar's workstations to make the Ratchet & Clank movie. Honest question.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Kyizen2342d ago

Ni No Kuni and the Dragon ball games are damn close to looking like playable Cartoons and that was on PS3. I don't see why PS4 Ratchet wouldn't look like a Animated movie

richmoral2342d ago

Yeah they haven't.

@Kyizen Ni No Kuni had Studio Ghibli, an animation studio, working on the game. And with both cases of Ni No Kuni and Dragon Ball games those are hand drawn animation no the same thing as Pixar movies which are CGI. So not the same thing.

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Blaze9292342d ago

why people hating on Sunset Overdrive like it wasn't an amazing game? Funny as hell too.

lipton1012342d ago

I think it's bc a lot of people now view insomniac as "traitors." In a way, I kind of do myself,

DLConspiracy2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Its because people like consoles not games. Sunset is a great game and I hope it comes to PS4. If they don't want to play it their loss.

gamerfan1282341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Where is this "hating"? I'm not seeing it. All I'm seeing are the usual ms fanboys making blind, hypocritical, hateful, personal attacks over nothing.

shivvy242342d ago

I would scream like a girl if insomniac announces R4

himdeel2342d ago

I think Insomniac was one of the few PS3 devs that were making games that were 60 fps, were they not?

nizan2342d ago

We want the release date for Ratchet ps4

nizan2342d ago

Also we want the release date for the movie =)

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gamer11382343d ago

Really interested to know how Sunset Overdrive did for Insomniac. Was one of my favourite games last year and would love to see where they could take the series.

christocolus2343d ago

one of the best games i've played in a while. i hope they make a sequel.

JMaine5182343d ago

I still need to play that. My X1 backlog is serious right now

Kingthrash3602342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

*cinema sins voice*

Is it? What kind of back log you got that prevents you from playing sunset over drive? You at least took it for a spin right.

i mean yeah there gwg...but who spins 59.99 on a game and not play it?
I mean to each his own but i would play the games i paid for and back log my free games to play when im broke and beat the paid games already
....and if you got it free in a bundle then you wouldn't have had a back log to stop you from playing it
*ding fact if you got the bundle then it would have been the first you played because you bought the x1 because of this game
.....thats prolly why you got disagrees. ...that story has too many holes bro.

lipton1012342d ago

I love this troll who responds: "Who spends $59.95 on a hane to not play it?" Get a college education, full time job and well paying career pal, and see how long YOU have to play video games each day. We're not all lucky enough so still be living under mommy's roof, able to play video games all day after a "hard" day at school. I get an 1.5 hours a night to play as I have a long commute and get home at 9:30pm. I have an enormous backlog of ps4 games but I actually havnt even played in weeks because I decided, instead, to create something myself, a screenplay, instead of just indulging on the creations of others

JMaine5182342d ago

@lipton enough said. Thank you

getrektedmate2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Would love to see multiplats!

jb2272343d ago

They did make a multiplat, it was called didn't benefit gamers or Insomniac at all.

AudioEppa2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

That game was mildly fun playing with a friend (demo btw) but it was far from perfect or even good lol but fun enough with a friend.

getrektedmate2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

not every game is financially successful.

annoyedgamer2342d ago

That was an EA product and as such, it speaks for itself.

Kyizen2342d ago

Fuse was just bad...I played the demo and didn't even finish it cause I got bored during the Boss fight! It didn't sell well, and Sunset Overdrive didn't sell well. They need to go back to their Roots or get an IP from Sony. They are talented Devs but I need something established

MonstaTruk2342d ago

They also made an Xbox One exclusive game called Sunset Overdrive. It didn't benefit gamers or Insomniac at all, either.

See a trend here?

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magiciandude2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Well, since I've read your pre-edited comment, the one thing that multiplats would benefit is the whole 900p vs. 1080p war.

LightDiego2343d ago

Really want to play a new Ratchet & Clank.
I hate and love you Insomniac.

AudioEppa2343d ago

How did SO actually do sell wise? the game seem like an interesting concept, curious to know if a lot of Xbox owners actually bought it after some (not all) being cocky over getting an exclusive from a once Sony only developer.

fonduktoe2343d ago

Surprisingly it did not sell well at all.

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SonyOnly42342d ago

It sold poorly shame it was a pretty damn good game its a crime that Halo MCC outsold it....

curtis922342d ago

@Dmd that's not great sales wise. Infamous, for example, pushed a little over 2 million worldwide. Infamous would've sold more had it gotten better reviews and likewise SO would've sold less had it not gotten such favorable reviews. Basically 1st party games aren't selling well on XB1 right now. Forza 5 sold poorly and horizon 2 didn't even push a million on xb1. Driveclub by comparison pushed over 1.5 million. Again, reviews favored the XB1 exclusive and again it underperformed in sales. It's sad.

gamerfan1282341d ago

Infamous and Sunset Overdrive both scored ~80 on Metacritic.

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