Capcom is selling consumers broken Resident Evil Revelations 2 season passes

Capcom is selling broken season passes for their newest episodic Resident Evil game (Resident Evil Revelations 2). The passes which are accessible in episode one's built in PSN store, cost $19.99 USD and promise to delver the rest of Revelations 2's episodes. Instead all the purchase does is unlock a HUNK skin for the game's optional Raid Mode and take up 1.1 megabits on the customers hard drive

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

The original game was an unoptimized mess on the PS4 so why buy it and complain now?

There's no reason for anyone to play the victim when you can clearly see that this game was a mess on release day.

RosweeSon2392d ago

The original game was on 3DS so was never gonna look exceptional blown up on a full screen, but yeah as mentioned below such a lot of DLC from day one, fair enough do the episodic thing if wanted but I can't see even the disc contains half of the extra paid DLC on the disc but I suppose we shall see I'll grab it either way on disc, which I take it will include the season pass (I don't mean just the obvious 5 episodes) as it's clearly more than just the 5 episodes which Raid mode and all the extra characters levels and guns.

Knushwood Butt2392d ago

Game just seems to be an excuse to sell DLC.

I've never seen so much DLC available for one game.


Tankbusta402392d ago

C'mon man... Does Evolve ring a bell?

Knushwood Butt2389d ago

Fair enough. I'll take your word for it. I haven't seen that.

MilkMan2392d ago

Please take a quick look at Dead Or Alive DLC. LMFAO!

Knushwood Butt2389d ago

OK, OK, so maybe this comes 3rd then?

I guess I should have reworded my original post, but I just stumbled onto the page for this game on PSN and saw pages of DLC which looked like Day 1 stuff.

MilkMan2387d ago

No biggie. It's all milking anyway. :(

Skate-AK2392d ago

Yeah. Evolve and DoA kick this games ass in DLC milking. Just for all the DLC costumes in DoA, it cost around $92. Just for outfits.

Tankbusta402392d ago

I've had no issues on Xbox one... Probably put in 4 hours on the first two chapters and 15 hours in raid mode... I'm satisfied with my purchase

BudokaiGamer2392d ago

So this is why it's not on Nintendo consoles anymore!

Ninty wouldn't stand for that kind of mess, and I'm sure they were telling Capcom that they would have to change that for them to put they game on there set ups.

Still hoping Nintendo can pick up Capcom someday. Maybe then we can have a real Mega Man game again or even a Mighty No. 9 X Mega Man! That would be awesome!

Avernus2392d ago

That's why?

Not for the reason that Nintendo sales figures for 3rd party games are abysmal? Capcom isn't exactly swimming in money, so for them to spend money and make a port for Wii U, would be a serious business decision for them.

In the end, I guess they figured it's not worth the effort and money.

BudokaiGamer2392d ago

That would be a good reason, but didn't the 3DS and Wii U versions do better than the others? I could be wrong, I'm not always right and I don't claim to be haha.

jholden32492392d ago

Wii U + 3DS versions outsold the PS3 + 360 versions.

And the 3DS version was the highest selling of any platform. Wii U sold less because most Wii U owners already bought on 3DS (like me, for example), but if they were to release the sequel on Wii U (or even better, 3DS) it would have done fine.

BudokaiGamer2392d ago


I thought so, that's what's weird man. So I could be right, but we'll never know haha. Oh well.

Besides, I think Capcom's got some money now with their exclusivity with SFV. Or they will be getting lots of money when it comes out anyways.

WESKER20152392d ago

its like Capcom has a gun pointed at your heads so you must buy!, btw this game is fine on my xbox one, played some of episode 2 a few hours ago

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