The Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games

With the release of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the 3DS, Nerds on the Rocks re-examined the Zelda franchise and presents the Top 10 games in the series.

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Neonridr1690d ago

I love so many of these games but usually for different reasons.

A Link to the Past and the new Link Between Worlds have to be right up there for me though. I loved playing the SNES adventure when I was a kid and I thought a Link Between Worlds did a fantastic job carrying the story along.

Ocarina and Wind Waker also hold special places in my heart.

And who can forget the countless hours I spent on the original Legend of Zelda when I was a young boy of 7 or 8? At the time I thought this was the hardest game ever created. And the pure joy when I finally took down Ganon was a sight to behold.

Geobros1690d ago

Why so down ALTTP and Ocarina? Where are Link's Awakening and Oracles? I think I haven't seen worse list about Zelda games than this one.

Dasteru1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


In no particular order.

The Legend of Zelda
Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
Skyward Sword
Ocarina of Time/Masters Quest
Link Between Worlds
Minish Cap
Wind Waker/HD
Oracle of Ages
Phantom Hourglass

forkymental1690d ago

Good grief. Opinions are opinions, but this article is ridculous. Lets see:
1. Ocarina of Time - 97.54%
2. Twilight Princess (GC) - 95.00%
3. Twilight Princess (Wii)- 94.58%
4. Wind Waker - 94.43%
5. Skyward Sword - 93.15%
6. A Link to the Past - 92.87%
7. Majora's Mask - 91.95%
8. Oracle of Seasons - 91.37%
9. The Minish Cap - 90.36%
10. Link's Awakening - 89.82%

I've been playing Zelda since 1987 or so, and I've played all of those games. One thing I've never understood is the "A Link to the Past" worship you see on websites like IGN, Gamespot, and whatnot. Claiming it's the best one of all time. That's purely nostalgia speaking, because Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker all squash it. In my personal opinion I would swap the GC version of Twilight Princess with Ocarina of Time for the best. It had the best story, best dungeons, and most memorable characters. Most definitely Midna, who I think is one of the best characters in gaming. She sort of stole the show in that game. A lot of the hate going toward Twilight Princess is probably based off the motion controlled Wii version, but the GC version is about as good as a Zelda game can get.

Dasteru1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

It has nothing to do with nostalgia. Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game i played. Majora's mask was the second. LTTP was 3rd or 4th and it is still by far my favorite. I'v never been a nostalgic person at all. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy i played, yet it is my 8th favorite, trailing behind IV, V & VI.

Edit: "You can't really compare a 2D sprite game against a 3D game" Ofcourse you can. What do visuals have to do with anything? LTTP had the best gameplay and world by a landslide. The reason LTTP is 6th on gamerankings instead of 1 is most likely due to nostalgia lol. The internet didn't exist when LTTP came out. The reviews from it are from many years later after everyone had already played newer ones like OoT.

Btw. A much newer version that is still 95% identical.

forkymental1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

The Legend of Zelda was my first. I've played all of the console versions in order, but you can't really compare a 2D sprite game against a 3D game that beats it in every possible way. The gameplay is far too limiting. That's why it's 6th on Gameranking's list instead of 1st.

If you think ALTTP is a staple for Zelda gameplay then why is Ocarina of Time ahead of it? The gameplay of Ocarina of Time is similar to both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The one you posted is for the GBA, and for a handheld it is really good. I'm talking about consoles.

Rebel_Scum1690d ago

Where are you pulling those review scores from? And since when do review scores dictate what games we should like?

You say opinions are opinions and the article is ridiculous but then go ranting about your own opinion as if it is fact.

Talk about a lack of respect for another persons opinion.

forkymental1690d ago

Those are from gamerankings, so it's an accumulation of a bunch of people's opinions. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings on A Link to the Past

Rebel_Scum1690d ago

I never said anything about LTTP nor any other Zelda. So I don't know how you came to that conclusion.

Your referral to that website as if it is gospel for an opinion that is completely subjective is fairly mad. lol.