Steam Reviews: What are they good for?

GameGrin's Ian Kuan writes: "Steam is a name that shall forever be appropriate for Valve's online game platform/community/monetary black hole. It's steaming because it's such a hot commodity that drives the industry forward with fresh ideas and fantastic community integration. It's also steaming because of the heaping piles of shit that it plops out. Almost all features on Steam have elements of both singular brilliance and moronic mob mentality, but the one that exemplifies Steam's greatest ideals and follies is the community review section."

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Takwin2429d ago

I find the reviews both humorous and helpful, as they are more honest than actual "journalists" and between Steam, Metacritic, and Amazon, I can definitely get a good idea of how good a game is. Of course I have my own opinion, but those 3 together fill in the pieces enough to make an educated purchase or not.