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Dealspwn: "ScreamRide's three modes and robust design suite are briefly entertaining, but the fun doesn't last. Lacking soul and connective tissue, this minigame collection never quite gels or comes together into anything particularly memorable.

The budget £29.99 RRP is cheap enough to be worth considering if you adored the free demo, but otherwise we'd suggest holding out for a bargain or waiting for ScreamRide's inevitable stint on Games With Gold."

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bggriffiths2896d ago

£30 seems like a lot for this, seems like a basic one-concept game. More like a tenner really. Of course, it will be that price eventually.

Blues Cowboy2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Heh, more like a three-concept game! :P

Still, agreed. It's a weird middle ground, nowhere near fleshed out enough to feel like a full game, but also a bit diffuse and unfocused to be a smaller download. Weird one.

And Games With Gold material for sure.

DarkOcelet2896d ago

Yeah, i thought it would be 19.99 only to be shocked it was 30.

I will wait till the price drop.

Volkama2896d ago

The coaster building and destruction physics could have been an incredible addition to a full on theme park/rollercoaster tycoon style management game. It doesn't really stand as a full game in itself.

Blues Cowboy2896d ago

The fact that it's just a testing facility really gets me. I don't necessarily mind just making coasters/riding them/destroying stuff, but none of it feels consequential, none of it really matters. You'll never see crowds of people enjoying your machines, the destruction buildings are just purpose-built targets, and for me it just feels... off, somehow.

gangsta_red2896d ago

I told myself the same thing. Why would the dev just stop at building coasters. This could have easily been fleshed out more and turned into a full blown Roller Coaster Tycoon for consoles.

They had everything in place, even the sharing concept.

Imagine sharing your amusements parks with other users and not just coasters only.

A lot of missed opportunities this gen so far.

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Dread2896d ago

I cannot believe this there must be an anti-ms conspiracy going on!!!!!


StormLegend2896d ago

I wouldn't play this unless someone payed me.

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