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GR-UK writes:"And that's still an important factor in these Heists; precision's needed to survive and thrive for higher scores and rewards, but you're still going to howl with laughter when someone stacks it. For us, it was the accidental parody of Planet Terror's chopper blade decapitation which diced team members waiting to get to the chopper. Or a neck and neck race for pole position during an impromptu race ending in explosive carnage due to an (im)perfectly timed train rolling across the road.

The stakes may have been raised, but dicking about still comes with the territory."

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DEEBO1919d ago

Hands on,yeah it's on it's way. This game Will keep me playing until Bloodborne.

WizzroSupreme1919d ago

Goodness, how long has it been that we've even waited for a "hands-on" with GTA V's online heists. Sheesh. Well, as long as Rockstar delivers with these, I'll have something to play once I one day platinum GTA V's single player.