ESRAM Gets 15% Boost With Pix; Vulkan Unlikely To Replace PS4 GNM

Wardell saw a demo with 15% ESRAM boost thanks to Pix @GDC2015, and DX12 comes with a new eSRAM API. Also, the new Vulkan API likely won't replace PS4 GNM.

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ccgr3394d ago

Nice but not earth shattering

kaiserfranz3393d ago

Well, 15% with Pix alone is a lot. If you add the new esram Ali and DX12, then it might be the thing that makes XB1 games reach FullHD, at long last.

vishmarx3393d ago Show
Bigpappy3393d ago

The lofty goal is NOT 1080p or any other resolution. The goal is for better overall graphics effects while also having a better frame rate all while using less power.

Why o why3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Wouldn't the overall goal to improve on everything. Why is stating anything 1080 almost taboo. All improvements are welcomed and lauded when they' become reality so why is the desire for better shunned by factions. Just admit it. You want it, Smh

Well done to the tech heads making the improvements.

Oh, I forgot the classic, 'it you want better graphics, why don't you get a pc' ;)

falviousuk3393d ago

Whats FullHD.

Is it any resolution that the Playstation can reach that the xbox can't.

Would 4K be FullHD or is this just another sony fanboy with their usual bull

3393d ago
Wikkid6663393d ago


1080 is full HD
4K is UHD

fr0sty3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

^good to see someone here knows what they're talking about.

"Full HD" is 1080p, nothing more, nothing less.

Ultra HD is 4K (the at-home 16:9 version of 4K), or the full 4k resolution being known as "Cinema 4K" among other names.

@shloobmm3, The thing is, PS4 is hitting the same fidelity, but at 1080p. If the system can display the developer's vision at any given resolution without compromising it, all the better.

vishmarx3393d ago

2 days back to back .OUCH

Death3393d ago


It would be Super FullHD Champion Edition.

christocolus3393d ago


Nice. I just want to see all these improvements and new features being used in the upcoming games (third party and exclusives)

Eonjay3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

"Well, 15% with Pix alone is a lot."

But what exactly does Brad mean by 15%. Just for clarity. Do we mean 15% increase in peak bandwidth, or something else. He refers to resolution (because developers want to put their render targets in the fast memory). Or is he saying that the resulting resolution was 15% better?

UKmilitia3393d ago

what we have to remember is since launch of this new gen,according to xbox owners the 44% increase in resolution and othber increases isnt noticable and doesnt matter.

so whats the point with 15% becasue it wont be noticable.

DLConspiracy3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )


It doesn't really matter. Others just brag about it so much while others dont care. Its a bragging tool in the console wars. I just want it to shut fanboys up for a bit. Although people would argue about which has more usb 3.0 slots, which is lighter, thinner or has the better controller...

There needs to be a healthy dose of hatred in console gaming apparently.... There wouldn't be corporate allegiance if we didn't. We can't have that now...

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sonarus3393d ago

MS screwed up with weaker ram so now they are trying to rectify the problem... hopefully they succeed but frankly i don't care one way or the other.

BallsEye3393d ago

Talking like xbox one got no 1080p games. Please do your research.

GameNameFame3393d ago

How many secret sauces did we have already?

Kinect power unlock, Hidden potential processor, audio process, hidden second gpu, 7th CPU unlock, power from OS unlock.

Yet, new games still are not full HD. Resolution havent increased at all.

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KirbysDump3393d ago

I am happy with my x1 graphics. The games are good. Not bothered at all about the technical side of things.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3393d ago

Why would anyone think that Sony would replace GNM or GNMX?

deSSy27243393d ago

If the new OpenGL is more efficient, its logical but I dont think Sony would abandon its own APIs for numerous reasons.

joeorc3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Read further:

Sony is in the very work group building Vulkan! That means why would they not incorporated Vulkin benefits into being able to be used on their own Machines? If they themselves are the ones help building the very Api


joeorc3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Exactly, Roll's eyes and the head line is Bait:

He thinks that Vulkan certainly won’t replace Sony’s GNM as that API is already low level, but it could become an alternative of sorts to GNMX (which is the high level PS4 API).

PS4 GNM is unlikely to be supplanted by Vulkan since it's very low level already.

— Brad Wardell (@draginol) March 4, 2015

On ps4 you bypass OpenGL to use GNM or gnmx. Vulkan could become an alternative to gnmx (me speculating).

So again that even by Brad stated it does not Exclude Vulkin to be used on the PS4, as a matter of fact Sony is in the work group developing Vulkan!
they also sit on the organization Board of directors that build the Api

kaiserfranz3393d ago

How can it possibly be "bait" when it says exactly that? It says it won't replace GNM and that's what the developer said...

joeorc3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

@kaiserfranz  +  
How can it possibly be "bait" when it says exactly that? It says it won't

because why would it? Why put that in the head line? Both DirectX12, and Vulkan are (wrapper) layer Api's

He knows that! So why even put that there?
its simple, to bolster the perception of the Xbox one. Which is fine, but check out this lil question he was asked and his Answer.

Alecx Sanders @Drfu77
@draginol sure. Parallel processing in this stage- Xbox one is strongest console?
Brad Wardell @draginol
Folloa@Drfu77 depends if ps4 gets Vulkan.
10:15 AM - 4 Mar 2015

So now you see this posted and Brad said what he did, and you really think that is not trying to imply something?
when he knows d@mn well what he just went over just yesterday.

its implying, if Sony does not get Vulkan
He is saying or implying that as

"Parallel processing in this stage- Xbox one is strongest?console"

and yet Sony is in the freaking work group of Vulkan, and would not use it , if it was better than their own?

Yeah when Sony is the one helping develop the d@mn Vulkan Api?

Aurenar3393d ago

The gap between PS4 and XO is always smaller.

Death3393d ago

The gap between the PS4 and Xbox One is what ever people want to make of it.

SlavisH23393d ago

lol @ people just wanting Dx12 to fail and rushing to downplay with passive fangirlism, n4g