GDC 2015: Spencer – Gaming still an essential part of Windows, “we lost our way”

GCO: "Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer said that, even though it may seem like they company lost it’s way, gaming is still essential to the Windows platform."

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lifeisgamesok3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I just watched this video and you can tell MS is serious about the Xbox brand and its future along with Windows

There's been some promising indie games shown too that would be nice to play in between the big hitters releasing

hello123400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Its odd but its looks like Microsoft might actually release their first party exclusives on PC, the console race is becoming less important to them, it seems to me! The video has me thinking about lot of things today! Not sure if it will happen in 2016, but its looks to be the plan ahead for the future.

They are going to treat the x box 1 as a steam machine of sorts with benefits.

PC- You will be able to play x box one exclusives if you use the Microsoft x box 1 app so people who hate on Microsoft will still have to play those games using the xb1 app that will be build with a windows 10 version of x box live. You're going to end up being an x box user either way just your playing on Windows 10

x box console owners will get to play with PC users no restrictions only devs can restriction access Microsoft said they will not intervene in this process of development. A unified store for all x box gamers and PC (slash x box gamers) will exist to buy games and this could mean trouble for Sony longterm as x box and pc will become the lead platform been unified in one store.

400 dollar PC or 400 dollar console some gamers will pick xb1 still. You will get better gaming performance from a console at that price then you would buying a PC at that price.

I see what Microsoft is up to here but there is lot more to this then i can write here at the moment. I see the vision they're going for how it will work out is to be seen!

bleedsoe9mm3400d ago

gaming is becoming about flexibility , sony is doing it with now and remote play , it only makes sense for ms to leverage its massive dominance of windows pc gaming .

BitbyDeath3400d ago

Yep, if this takes off I can see them doing away with the box and going the steam route.

Concertoine3400d ago


They tried that with Games for Windows Live, it failed pretty badly.

Mkai283400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Seems more of a win / win for the hardcore PC gamers, whereas we would play more Xbox first parties. A win for Xbox users because now every windows PC game could be on Xbox one.. A win for Sony because ppl will still buy its "closed console" for exclusives that will not be for PC.

Ultimately, it's a win for developers. They can earn more revenue being on multiple platforms. Question is, are these games exclusive just for windows 10 and Xbox? will developers that developed for windows 10 port the same games to PS4?

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PunisherRevenge3400d ago

@KNWS....Looking at the future of Windows and Xbox I don't see Microsoft releasing all of their first party games on PC. It seems to me that Microsoft sees the Xbox brand as part of their Eco system for the future and don't want to hurt the brand by releasing all of its games for PC. If Microsoft did something this foolish there would be no reason for them to enable X1 streaming to PC since the game would already be available. It would be easier and require less resources to just have cross buy and call it a day.

WCxAlchemist3400d ago

MS with there one gaming echoe system also means what was only PC /Win games will also now be on Xbox One as Phil and MS has said many times. So more games on Windows & Xbox is a win win for gamers, Devs and MS

awi59513400d ago

No thank you the last time they tried this they locked your game saves to windows live. It made it so if you didnt sign in or they dropped support for the game your game saves were lost.

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WCxAlchemist3400d ago

Gigantic looks amazing sign up at gogigantic.com also smite which everyone raves about, Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, World of tanks, adventures of Van Helsing, Wasteland2, and other great PC titles coming to XBO this year already with there awesome lineup of AAA console exclusives Xbox game lineup is stack...Good time 2b an Xbox owner.

And Yes MS focusing hard on gaming with Windows exciting times

Plagasx3400d ago

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.... They have been singing this same song for years now.

Time to Walk the walk M$.

NegativeCreep4273400d ago

I don't mean to disparage Phil Spencer's conviction or the Xbox Department's shifting commitment to gaming, but let's be honest here; if it wasn't for Sony or its behemoth known as the Playstation 4, Xbox One would have never changed for the better.

slate913400d ago

You spelled "If it wasnt for the community backlash X1 would have never changed for the better" wrong.

annoyedgamer3400d ago

At some point you have to realize consumers dictate how the market works not Sony. We do not like casual pay 2 win games but we are still force fed them. Why? Because there is a market for them. Again Sony's "behemoth" had nothing to do with it.

Stiffler3400d ago


You know it's funny that you say that. I was just replying to someone on EG who was saying that exact same thing, that all the positives for X1 are because of Sony.

The changes are ALL because of MS and consumers of MS products who voiced their opinion on the (possibly) bad path that MS were going to take, funny thing that not one of you people against these plans considered all the bonuses of what they were going to do. It's just bad for the industry, bad for the gamer, right?

Seriously, wake up. MS have made a remarkable come back with the X1 and continue to dish out features and support that is unrivaled by any competition. Give credit where it'd due and stop acting as if Sony were the ones to change the console around, they weren't. IIRC weren't Sony the ones taking pot shots at the X1 failing? THAT'S some professionalism, huh?

MadMenX3400d ago

Phil, is a true leader accepts mistakes, speaks with professional candore.

insomnium23400d ago

Line, hook and sinker eh? LOL I kid.

ScorpiusX3400d ago

It nice that you want to fine your way back , but whatever you do please don't do it at the expense of the Xbox one and it consumers fan base
Let's think things through first.

MasterCornholio3400d ago

I can see how they lost their way with someone like Don in charge. But he's gone and Phil is at the helm of Xbox which is a good thing.

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Microsoft's Xbox gaming handheld will fail unless someone else makes it

Despite Microsoft's experience in hardware manufacturing, I don't trust it not to fumble its first gaming handheld device which may eventually lead to a successor not getting released.

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LG_Fox_Brazil4d ago

Unless it has some fature that really makes it standout I don't think someone who wants a handheld will pick it when the Switch 2 is just around the corner and the Steam Deck offers a huge library with much better prices worldwide

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Especially since the existing PC handhelds (Steam Deck, ROG Ally, etc) can already run Gamepass. I don't have a Steam Deck yet, but I did see Forza Horizon 5 already running pretty well on it natively, so I'd imagine most XBox exclusives on Steam would run pretty well too. The most Microsoft could do is try to brute force a more expensive, higher power handheld. I doubt it would do well if that were the case.

ABizzel13d ago

This has been my point. It’s too little too late, and there are too many options out now that can already do the same thing with similar or better tech, in a similar price-range. A best case scenario for them is slightly above Steam-Deck performance at $100 less, but that’s not a huge selling point for anyone who has already jumped into the handheld PC market, and people still on the fence. Or go the other route of as cheap as possible but making it a streaming only device around $199.

It would do well and reach over 1m sold just because of the Xbox branding, but their consoles are already selling less and less (by the looks of it), so I don’t see a handheld being this great savior for them.

They simply need to rebrand one of the Surface tablets into the device with dedicated controls and more gaming focused, and call it a day instead of heavily investing in a handheld

VariantAEC3d ago

I'm guessing Xbox Wireless will be a streaming system like PS Portal. And yes I fully expect their portable Xbox to be given a really stupid name like "Wireless." Maybe even a dumber name like the Xbox Series W.

Jingsing4d ago

Doesn't make much sense to have a handheld that is locked down to the Xbox ecosystem when the PC handheld can run everything. I'm sure the same people that bought the Xbox fridge will give Microsoft their free money though.

XBManiac3d ago

Microsoft handheld Qualcomm based... you will see it next year... and you will see it sink.