OMG, PlayStation 3 Controller Spelling Mistake

Kotakuite Oly hit Sony's super swish Ginza showroom, which was not only displaying the PlayStation 3 for all to see, but a glaring spelling error. Instead of "SELECT", the PS3 controller reads "SERECT". This might not be breaking game news, I just thought it was a bit funny :)

PS360PCROCKS6517d ago

lol what a dumb news post, but um serect haha that's funny you would think they know how to spell select by now

Shadow Flare6516d ago

haha thats funny man, imagine if the nintendo Wii had a sERECT button bahaha

Arsenic136517d ago

its funny how sony rips off 360 and wii and motion sensor.

Retard6516d ago

"Keep your comments relevant to the news story."

Please explain; are you stating that Sony is ripping off Nintendos' and Mircosofts ability to make misspellings?

Marriot VP6517d ago

nothing says last minute than that.

HyperBear6517d ago

That just goes to show how stupid sony really is. Cant even spell "Select", cause their worried PS3 will bomb sooo badly.

DG6517d ago

Forget all that why the hell isn't the controller shiny like the PS3 case?