CRYENGINE - GDC 2015 Screenshots Revealed

Crytek has just released a new set of GDC 2015 screenshots for its video-game engine, CRYENGINE.

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Tctczach3393d ago

Off Topic: I wish there was an open world Turok game. That would have so much potential. The T-Rex pic made me think of this.

spicelicka3393d ago

Me too! Enough with the zombie games we need dino games now!

crazychris41243393d ago

Would have been great to get a well made Jurassic Park game to tie into the movie

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ps5fanboy3392d ago

Wow looks incredible...*

*on a million pound PC and graphics card.


Hunt: Showdown is getting one of the rarest things a game can get: an engine upgrade

"It is gonna be a long technical road" to update Hunt's version of CryEngine.

MadLad471d ago

Great game.
Smaller, but healthy, player base. At least on PC. Very tense game.

bunt-custardly470d ago

If anyone can upgrade the engine then Crytek can. Good news anyway. Hunt looks pretty awesome anyway, but with UE5 a thing now Cryengine beginning to look dated perhaps?

Eonjay470d ago

It was bound to happen. Let's hope that they can update their engine. As good as UE5 looks, we need multiple engines out there. This will prevent all games from looking too samey.

Looking at DF the last three Graphics of the year have been:

Insomniac engine
Red Engine
Decima Engine

I love seeing different engines flex their muscles.

Concertoine470d ago

I do too, but having a dependable and common engine would go a long way toward fixing development cost and time.


Jurassic Dream is a CRYENGINE free Jurassic Park game that you can download right now

LifelessTapir has released a free game in which he basically recreated the entire Isla Nublar island from Jurassic Park in CRYENGINE.

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yellowgerbil1732d ago

It's Cryengine free you say? Great news, sick of all that cryengine in my dinosaur games.

windblowsagain1732d ago

What Dinosaur games.

I cannot for the life of me understand why there are no Dinosaur games anymore. Not building a Jurassic world type thing. But edge of your seat as scared as fuk fps or tps game. With todays graphics and quality would have been awesome.

Just hope something is made for PS5 etc.

Kosic1731d ago

I'd love a remake of Dino crisis 1 and 2!


CRYENGINE 5.6 is now available to developers, featuring more than 1000 changes to the engine

Crytek has announced that CRYENGINE 5.6 is available now for all game developers. According to the team, this major new release includes over 1,000 changes to the engine.

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