Long-awaited Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking patch out now - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE

Eurogamer YouTube producer Ian Higton has downloaded the patch and played Halo: The Master Chief Collection's various playlists to see if it's improved matters.

His tests show reasonable matchmaking times and party stability, suggesting whatever 343 Industries has tweaked under the hood has had the desired effect.

Here's what he found, with times in minutes and seconds to a full lobby, then being in-game:
-Team Halo 2 Anniversary - Full lobby: 1.40. In-game: 3.20. Good connection, all players joined.
-Halo Championship Series - Full lobby: 0.38. In-game: 2.08. Good connection, all players joined.
-Rumble pit - Full lobby: 1.38. In-game: 2.41. Good connection, all players joined.
-Team Slayer - Full lobby: 0.50. In-game: 1.39. Good connection, all players joined.

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kstap331418d ago

I found it much improved based on the prior patch. This looks even better. Will pay tonight.

EvilWay1418d ago

It is still messed up. I played for the first time in 4 months and still found uneven teams. I am done with this game for good it will never be fixed. Way to go 343i for releasing one of my favorite childhood games broken as hell.

I am done with 343i. Halo 5 beta was medicocore at best. It had glitches and the gameplay felt like Call of Duty to me. It has the Halo mechanics but the things they added (ADS, mantle, jet packs) make it feel like Cod to me. The game also has shit hit boxes and bullet magnitism again.... Stop making the damn game easier, I really hate how devs try to make games pick up and play instead of making it somewhat hard to learn

Fuck you 344i. I hope the rumor that MS wants to bring Bungie back and can you morons is true

Naga1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

1. The article provided quantitative facts which disprove your claims.

2. The Halo 5 beta was well-received by critics and players alike.

3. The Halo 5 beta had nearly perfect hitboxes, and certainly had the least "bullet magnetism" of any Halo game to date.

4. Subsequently, the Halo 5 beta was more challenging and had arguably the widest skill-gap of any Halo experience to date.

5. There is no rumor that Microsoft wants to bring Bungie back; you just made that up.

Please go back into your hole, lay off the haterade, and find something else to think about for the day. You look like you could use a breather.

NewPCgamer1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Halo 4 was "acclaimed" by critics and that game is garbage. Plain and simple they are trying to apply to a larger casual crowd instead of awesome game design. Half of an awesome game is the CHALLENGE. Once that's gone well all be brain dead morons mashing buttons in pretty graphic qte events! I don't want that shit! I wish gaming would go back to being less popular so I can have my damn hobby back. Halo 5 will sustain a population for 3 to 4 weeks. Then everyone will leave. I love Halo and want to see it prosper like CS GO. Not flare up and die out every year like Call of Duty.

Edit @ Naga No it did not have near perfect hit boxes. I have video evidence of just how casual the hit boxes are. And autos dominating at mid to long ranges? Fast kill times? Spray and pray? Sound familiar? Halo 3 still has the best design.

Naga1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

@ NewPCGgamer

I said it was acclaimed by critics and gamers alike - not just critics. The biggest detractors either a) watched some YouTube videos but didn't actually play it, b) failed to adapt to the faster mechanics, or c) were die hard haters hell-bent on being displeased with anything that wasn't just a re-hash of their favorite Halo installment.

And the Halo 5 beta was anything but casual. It may have been candyland down in the Iron and Silver tiers, but Onyx and above saw many an unwitting noob getting mud-stomped into the digital ground. Seriously, Halo 5's beta offered an exceptionally fine-tuned experience that was well-tailored to professional team play. Those few weeks of playing the beta were some of the most challenging and most satisfying weeks I have had in the last year of gaming.

(And for the record, Halo 4 was NOT garbage. The multiplayer may have been polarizing within the Halo community, but notwithstanding that, the game was a gem - particularly with regard to the campaign.)

LonDonE1418d ago

WOW this stream has allot of screen tearing but i can say with confidence that i hardly ever GET ANY TEARING in any of the halo games within master chief collection.
I think i have gotten a torn frame maybe 2 or 3 times in over 40 hrs of game play.

The games run very well, i think halo 1 does tear but again very rare same with 2 but 3 and 4 run great.
And the frame rate runs 50 to 59 most of the time with minor dips occasionally.
The game has improved allot with every patch, and is the greatest remaster box set ever made! it truly is the greatest fan service, its just a shame the online had so many problems but for me and all my buddies around 3 patches ago has been working great.

So again i have to stress to people that the game does not tear no way as much as this stream is.
The collection is dirt cheap now and is a bargain!

Skate-AK1418d ago

The tearing is probably cause by the capture software he is using.

LonDonE1417d ago

yup thats what i thought it must be! the capture card or software is clearly the problem, in fact i remember watching some angry joe streams and lord all mighty the screen tearing was driving me insane! it really irks me! i hate tearing!

Moldiver1418d ago

Gonna play this later. Love halo. Still the best competitive FPS any amount of money will buy.

Kavorklestein1418d ago

I concur. Especially when 60 bucks or less gets you four games of Halos great multi and single player goodness... with ODST and possibly Reach on the way as well.

Magicite1418d ago ShowReplies(1)
spicelicka1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Regardless of the initial problems, this is the greatest gift halo fans were given. I freakin love it, every now and then when I need a nostalgia boost.

Does anyone know when the Relic HD remake will be out?

Immorals1418d ago

Getting the chance to play halo 2 again with updated graphics was incredible. One of my favourite games of all time, and really got me into online games (that, and Burnout revenge!)

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