Free Far Cry 4 PS4 Dynamic Theme and Hohokum Theme Released on European PSN: Screenshots Inside

The European PlayStation Store gets new PS4 dynamic themes a bit slower than the rest, even if the average quality might be defined higher, and today the fellows from the Old Continent can enjoy two new offerings. One is free (while people have to pay for it on the NA store), the other costs £1.69.

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Roman3mPiRe861355d ago

Free for North America as well if you have a European psn account :)

Patricko1355d ago

Why are they making those themes so bright? You can't see most of the white font...

F0XHOUND1355d ago

Best thing here is the epic a realm reborn on your dashboard! How come there are two though?

FRAKISTAN1355d ago

The order theme is pretty good to, the one I got for messing with the website

Abriael1355d ago

One is the US version, the other is th Euro version :D

okmrman1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

the ps2 is older than 90% of n4gs demographic

blakstarz1355d ago

Thanks for the heads up, just D/L and installed, looks pretty nice, they also have a The Order dynamic them too showing a big airship...that one is pretty nice also!