Essential Games for PSP

The PSP gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes. Unfortunately the system is well known for average ports and homebrew more than it is for quality games. However, this isn't really fair on the wee system - it's actually got some killer games. You just have to wade through some very average titles before you find the gems that make the system worth owning (like any system really). Here are ten titles that NZGamer recommends to dust off your PSP and round out your collection.

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Covenant5321d ago

Good list...great that they included Exit, Crush, and Every Extend Extra...but no Patapon?

It's from New Zealand...Is Patapon not yet available there?

Covenant5321d ago

Yes! I had forgotten about that one.

spectyre5321d ago

both Syphon Filters, MGSPO, Hot Shots, Killzone, SOCOM, and many more. This guy seems like an RPG nut so I can't believe he left out Jeanne D'arc and Monster Hunter.

mistertwoturbo5321d ago

The problem is that when there is a good high quality PSP exclusive game built from the ground up. People don't buy it. They just download it. =(

Azurite5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

Own six of the mentioned titles, will probably buy one more of the list.