NVIDIA Unveils $199 Gaming Console at GDC 2015

GamersNexus: "At the Game Developers Conference 2015 in San Francisco today, GPU manufacturer NVIDIA unveiled that it would be launching a series of new devices in the immediate future. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn't waste time in teasing the company's future direction, including promises of a retargeted living room gaming focus. Part of that focus will include an NVIDIA-made game console, smart TV, and supercomputer."

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PoSTedUP3395d ago

woahhh, you guys see that!? man, i cant wait to get my hands on it! this gen is getting Real: Real fast!!

HammadTheBeast3395d ago

Just another flop android console from what I see. I don't understand why these massive graphics companies can't shift away from android based systems. Whoever they're targeting won't be buying full priced games, and if they offer cheap ones, why pay $200 when your phone has them?

PoSTedUP3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

wait... isnt it a 4k NVIDIA Shield with twice the power as the 360 running crysis3 on a portable device? bc thats what i read.

oh wait... "not to be confused with the handheld device.."

i got a different article mixed up that had an actual picture of the Nshield and these specs... my bad.

3395d ago
SolidStoner3395d ago

you crazy people... why hope for a fail?

that has no sense, even if you want to stay with your current console or PC, you can freely do so, also more competition might actually improve your current console!

we gamers have to stop to be a fanboys! of any kind!

If some company is entering new business areas YOU have to wish them luck, because they might actually make something good for us consumers! It will not hurt you if you do not invest into it!

HammadTheBeast3394d ago

I don't hope that it fails, but I don't see it succeeding either. There's nothing for me to wish them luck on because this is the third or fourth time we've seen this (not to mention dozens of knock-offs) and it's been well proven that there is no real market for this.

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Magicite3395d ago

console business is very risk atm, its nearly impossible for other companies to create brand new console and make it succeed.

-Foxtrot3395d ago

Wow another android console....just what we need /s

Pandamobile3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

This seems to be THE Android console though. 4K TV support, Grid, specs that double the power of a last gen console, plus it's the size of modem and it's only $200.

That's gonna be an attractive product to a loooooot of people world wide.

-Foxtrot3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Untill the next one is announced with other or more features and that will be THE android console

This won't take off...it will be forgotten about like the Shield and cater to a small audience

When they or others say they are making a console they should only be allowed to label it one if its actually going to compete with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Christopher3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

If only there was worthwhile hardcaore gaming support on Android. Mostly it's just ports, and some of it from games from over a century ago.

If you want to be taken seriously for consoles, IMHO, you need to focus on putting out more than just casual games we play on our phones.

I agree with the gentleman quoted in the article that gaming in this regard is a billion dollar industry. Problem is, that industry currently sits with F2P models of in-app purchases and not with console-based games.

MrSec843395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I wonder what the subscription cost will be?
Price of the system in the UK?

I doubt people will go for this if they have to both pay a monthly fee of like $20 and pay for their games.
If it doesn't run perfect and provide the same level of quality as a PC then people won't want to pay for all of that.

If your internet goes down or slows down then the big AAA PC games either won't be accessible or they will run very poorly and frame drops will be severe.
Lot of issues here.

Just some things to think about, rhetorical points in case anyone doesn't get I'm just spit-balling about this. ;)

Oh yeah if NVidia wants to be a console producer then they need to make exclusives for the system, that will mean have their own 1st party developers.

Sevir3395d ago

This is hardly anything to celebrate about. Its still very much a last generation console.

For all the talk Nvidia has with hating game console business they sure are keen to fragment the market. in a years time both the XBO and PS4 may very well be sitting at $200. They should just stick to making and providing chips for their partners in the mobile space because just like their failed NVIDIA Shield handheld this will be forgotten faster than it was announced.

Eonjay3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

The only thing about the Android boxes is that there are so many of them. And then of course you have Amazon... I was interested in developing for the OBox.

husomc3395d ago

my Chinese android tv box can do this

joab7773395d ago

Who? What can you really do with it. It says it's 2x the Xbox 360 bit is sluggish when playing a last gen game.

When I saw shield for your TV, I thought...awesome, a way to play PC games on my TV. But what can it play, other than google play games.

I don't see the market for it. I'd rather pay $400 for something I could hook to my TV and play PC games on.

NeoTribe3395d ago

Who the hell needs 4k resolution to play candy crush and age of war?...

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sweendog3394d ago

The android console business reminds me of the time the 3DO, Philips CD and Jaguar released. Why buy uncertain hardware when you can buy a console brand you already know.

All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again

Ark_3395d ago

Not sure whom they are aiming for: too weak for core gamers and too nerdy for the general public. Any ideas?

MrSec843395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

It's meant for all people that have a modern TV, so you can play anything you could play on PC and android games, but yeah requiring another subscription to use the big gaming GRID stuff isn't going to be for everyone.

Pretty small HDD too, that model only has 16GB, I wonder if you can plug in an external HDD? If so that kind of ruins the form factor being so small.

joab7773395d ago

What great PC games will you be able to play, if it has a hard time playing borderlands the presequel?

MrSec843395d ago

@joab777: Borderlands was being run on the Tegra X1 in the console, but more graphically intensive games will be run in the cloud on NVidia's Grid.

The issues with that are that they have already stated it has a 150ms delay for the game code, to game at 60FPS requires 16.6ms, so Shield and the Grid combined are already 9X slower.

The only way I can see them getting around that is if the X1 and local hardware is rendering everything local that you're directly interacting with and the GRID is handling the part of the scene's far off details that you won't be directly interacting with, in that case it can work, but if your internet drops out then you won't be playing your games at anything but a crawl or not at all.
Unless NVidia allows you to use a local GPU on a PC and kind of Pier 2 Pier networks it from your home, which basically means you're paying for a subscription, over the top priced games and you still need a PC.

This thing has no real market, it's no answer to a modern console, because it has no exclusives as far as we know, even if it does, the developers will probably be unknown's, I doubt a big AAA publisher would risk putting their games on it.

It seems pretty pointless in all honesty.

GokuSolosAll3395d ago

$200 for an Android console? Bwahahahah.

...Oh wait, they're serious?

Dasteru3395d ago

You must be a little kid without a job if you think there is anything funny about it. $200 is very reasonable for an android console with these specs. I payed $500 for my 10" galaxy tablet when it first launched. It is about 30% more powerful than the WiiU and is $100 less expensive.

Mikeyy3395d ago

Lightning fast 150MS latency (TM)