Dev Blown Away By New Morpheus Prototype, Reports No Delay

Game developer reports his impressions of the updated Project Morpheus prototype after trying it during an internal conference.

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ccgr3395d ago

Sounds promising, but there's a lot of competition

kaiserfranz3395d ago

That's definitely true, and while usually competition breeds excellence, I fear that too many VR systems may not be a good thing.

elazz3395d ago

Probably why everyone is stepping their game and just a few will probably remain relevant. I see Sony nailing it with the next playstation or maybe even for PS4/PC

Immorals3395d ago

Especially when most of them are mobile developers.. Last place I'd want my vr to be built from is a mobile phone!

BlackTar1873395d ago

All i think about is READY PLAYER ONE now

off topic but anyone who hasn't read that book do so. You'll have a great time.

DigitalHope3395d ago

Here is the difference between Sony and the competition, Sony already has a 20 mill install base, possibly close to 35 mil by the time it releases. That morpheus can be used on every single 1 of those units.

Closest competition is the rift but it's made for pc which will require a decent rig and constant hardwear upgrades to stay relevant. Not to say it will fail because it won't it will be successful in it's own right.

But Sony with these new specs, if they can get the price right they have a homerun on their hands. VR is very much in Sonys hands.

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denawayne3395d ago

Of course he's blown away. He's developing a game for it.

KwietStorm_BLM3395d ago

Maybe they're developing a game for it because it blew them away. And don't sit here and act like every developer is blown away by a platform, just because they're making a game for it.

Sevir3395d ago

He said this was his first experience and interaction with Morpheus, at an interview al meeting held yesterday... He had NEVER even had a kit to work on to compare it to. -_/ ⬅Have a seat and recline.

Wupon3395d ago

I don't see how there's competition if the Morpheus is the only VR headset coming out for the PlayStation 4. You mean competition in the PC VR market?

Personally, I wouldn't buy any VR headset that's over $200. All you're paying for is it a screen with motion detecting capabilities. If your headsets cost more than $200-$250 they're not really going to sell to a lot to the general consumer. Look at the oculus rift and look at the price of a single headset.. The only people who really have one are developers, youtubers and People with a lot of money to waste. I really hope Sony does a bright thing and prices this thing properly.. Because if no one buys it then it becomes a flop I don't want that.

mushroomwig3395d ago

$200 is seriously unrealistic for a VR headset unless you're okay with very low range specs. These headsets are not cheap to make, people realise that. VR isn't going to be something that's mainstream for a while yet because of the costs involved.

VenomUK3395d ago

@Wupon. Exactly this. Whilst there are a lot of VR products in development there will only be one available to the PlayStation 4 userbase. It's quite likely that the Steam VR & Oculus headsets will be top spec devices for PC, but as long as the VR experience on other platforms is not significantly better, than they won't impact Morpheus potential to sell.

Alexious3395d ago

There's competition in the larger VR market.

Brazz3395d ago

ya are correct, they need to nail a price under $250, otherwise the thing is going to die for sure.
But for real,think about this for a minute...what's inside the VR head set? A Oled screen whit 120hz, compponents to make the streaming,read head motion, and other things to improve immersion and the experience... ya see, ya don't need a Strong CPU/GPU and memory run the game, the hard work is on Ps4, is just working to create the immersion of VR, whit a good screen, small latency, motion capture, etc...

considering this, perhaps the $200, or even $150, is something possible in 1-2 years.

LamerTamer3395d ago

People want quality then don't want to pay for it. If it is good and a bit more money they complain about the price. If it is cheap and is crap then they complain that it is crap.

You can't have both man that is just not how it works. I would like a top of the line PC with a Titan Z for 500 bucks but it isn't reality.

OLED screens are expensive, But LCDs SUCK for VR. They are cheap but too slow and have too poor black levels. Then you need to make the headset part, and the OPTICS. People miss that, you need lenses to focus the thing because the screen is right in front of your eyes. Put your phone 2" away from your face and see how good you can see it without focusing optics. Do you want crappy optics that distort the image and make it blurry on the edges? I don't.

Honestly if this thing is less than $300.00 it will probably be junk. What good is cheap if it looks like crap and gives you a headache?

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LAWSON723395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I doubt it, this will probably be the only VR headset available on the PS4 there for competition really is nonexistent. The only thing really pushing the quality forward is their is a lot of money probably behind it.

PS4 Userbase+Only one VR option= profit, especially with all the hype and excitement around VR.

This thing has ridiculous specs considering it is for the PS4. Heres to hoping they make a model without the pointless 120hz because it is pointless. Being a OLED, 1080p and 120hz device that is easily over $400 which is just way to high

_-EDMIX-_3395d ago

On console? The issue with PC has a lot to do with development, on console they have a set spec, so developers are more likely to support it as everyone has the same systems, on PC, you'll still get support, but less likely to see a new ip that ONLY uses VR as they don't fully know how many have beast PC's to actually play the VR only game they might make.

Soo...I would say they are techically better off as I see their headset selling better then OR purely based off of being on console and marketing alone.

...this is Sony we are talking about, love or hate the Move..in 2 years it moved (seriously not making a pun) 15 million units...I see this thing moving more units easy.

The concept is easily understood and I see many kids wanting it as the new "it" thing regarding VR.

Accessibility. All you need is a PS4 and Morpheus....thats it.

I love my gaming PC and plan to upgrade later this year, but I fully understand how hard it is to market PC, its for the most part very intimidating to those that don't understand the industry.

Consoles are very user friendly, easy to market and pick up and play.

Even if you have a pre-built PC, Oculus Rift ...doesn't mean you'll be up and playing with no issues in seconds. Also...at what cost?

I'm spending around $1200 on my next build as I'm seeking to have a 5TFLOP PC, as you need a 3.5TFLOP to meet next gen settings to begin with.

They have the lead in units (Against next gen PC's AND against XONE)

They also have a product ready with a release window and titles already in development.

I just think they will do not only fine, but better then O R, mind you ...I"m getting both.

But I see just how Morpheus will likely do better.

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Relientk773395d ago

That's awesome, hope Morpheus is sick

Eonjay3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Well... with 120FPS on the new build, and 18 ms response time, I'm sure the delay is there, its just below the threshold of human detection.

Edit: Oh yeah and of course the move to OLED will reduce blur so yeah...

Alexious3395d ago

Well, if it can't be seen then it might as well not be there as far as we're concerned ;)

Eonjay3395d ago

Pretty much. I wasn't expecting these improvements, but they sure are welcome.

smolinsk3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

What about motion sickness, no news on that? ist a deal breaker.

Alexious3395d ago

If it really can refresh at 120hz, that should help. Also it's an OLED display.

But yes, it's a huge concern of mine after trying the Oculus Rift a couple times.

WeAreLegion3395d ago

They've improved frame rate, reduced response time, increased FOV, and gave it an OLED display. These are all great for motion sickness prevention.

Perjoss3395d ago

Will depend on a few things, the individual, the type of game, and then the latency. I'm not even sure if its possible to eliminate it completely.

Worst cases so far (VR in general) have been when it comes to games that were not designed to be VR games in the first place, the VR was just hacked in, like Half Life 2, Bioshock etc.

S2Killinit3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

"no delay" damn, they are tweaking it to perfection. No delay equals no motion sickness equals me happy.

annus3395d ago

It's really not that simple. Humans still have a sense of balance, so if there's an application that moves people around (ie even using a camera to look without turning the head) some people will feel dizzy as their eyes are telling their brain one thing, and their balance senses are telling their brain another. This causes conflict which then causes motion sickness.

S2Killinit3395d ago

Hmm makes sense. I guess it comes down to how negligible they can make it then.