Khronos unveils Vulkan: OpenGL built for modern systems writes: "The new API was created to make it a better fit for modern hardware: GPUs are complex, highly programmable devices, and CPUs have abundant cores and multithreading support.

It represents the fourth graphics API aiming to offer this kind of control and the performance gains that come with it. AMD's Mantle, Microsoft's DirectX 12, and Apple's Metal were all developed with similar goals in mind. However, these are all platform limited in one way or another; Mantle only works with AMD GPUs, DirectX 12 only works in Windows, and Metal only works in iOS. Vulkan will span both GPU and operating system vendors, continuing in the footsteps of the cross-platform, vendor-neutral OpenGL before it."

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Fireseed2462d ago

I'm just slightly annoyed that Khronos named their graphics language Vulkan...

Fireseed2462d ago

LIKE SERIOUSLY! I understand that putting out a graphics API named Klingon isn't exactly as sleek as tech sounding as Vulkan but like it really bothers me lol

Sir_Simba2462d ago

I like it sounds like a villain.

Mikeyy2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Obviously a play on the word Vulcan. Vulcans are far from villians. Even their cousins the Romulan Star Empire aren't necessarily "evil".

Anonagrog2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

That or 'Vulcan' from Greco-Roman mythology, just as 'Khronos' appears to be.

Mikeyy2462d ago

Great news all around. No no matter what api things are going to be streamlined! The future is bright as hell for PC's!

mkis0072462d ago

Just purchased an i7 4790k and 16gb 1866 ram to go along with my gtx680...excited for progress.

Roccetarius2462d ago

AMD is supporting current Mantle development still, but for the future they recommend supporting either DirectX12 or Vulkan.

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