Syndicate Free to Download and Play From Origin Store Right Now

Syndicate is now free to download and play from the Origin webstore.

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badz1492304d ago

on the house games on Origin has been pathetic so far except for BF3 that was given a year ago and the game prices over there are just as pathetic! old games are still expensive even on sale.

forget taking over the reign from Steam, at this rate, Origin is struggling to even keep the miniscule amount of users it has!

Pandamobile2303d ago

"forget taking over the reign from Steam"

When was that ever going to happen? The only things I buy on Origin are the things I can't get on Steam.

"Origin is struggling to even keep the miniscule amount of users it has!"

That's not even true.

BattleAxe2303d ago

Origin also gave away DragonAge 2 and Plants vs Zombies within the last 8 months, which isn't too bad.

mixelon2304d ago

Syndicate is still a pretty fun time. A great setting too.

Testfire2304d ago

For me free is free, and gettin an old school game that I never got a chance to play is cool for me. Origin isn't like Live or PSN so I don't know people can't just take a free gift and say thanks.

wannabe gamer2304d ago

ah ai was hoping it was the new remake. oh well free is free. id say half more 2/3 of my origin games have been free or just dirt cheap. i dont shop for them specifically but couple times a year you see insane deals usually from 3rd party sites. overall tho origin pricing is pretty bad, when they do have a sale its no where near on par with steam.

JamesBondage2304d ago

wish they would give away games that are worth more than $2-$5 and not over 20 years old