FFXIII Report: Final Fantasy XIII Trophies, E3 2008, DKS3813

Kyle Lauren and Jamie are back and have dragged David back from the dead. The crew hit up speculation over E3 and Square Enix's private party, DKS3713, as well as recent FFXIII news, and a discussion of trophy support.

theusedfake5624d ago

definitely enjoy listening to them :)

Silogon5624d ago

final Fantasy won't, I repeat WON'T support trophy's in anyway shape or form. Wait and see. Oh, wait, I know even if I am right you all wouldn't acknowledge it anyways.

In time you will see how well your trophy support turns out, though.

ash_divine5624d ago

uh, nevermind, I already see too much of you as it is. Everywhere i go I see you trolling, dude do you have a life. if not get one. I promise you won't regret it.

Wildarmsjecht5624d ago

I truly hate replying to you as you're just a fool full of nothing but negativity, but I'd like to give just 1 example of trophy support.

Getting a trophy for defeating a stupid hard boss a la Emerald Weapon, or Ruby Weapon from FF7. Those are optional bosses that have no change to the story but were damn hard when you fought them. Why not get a trophy for that? Hell, KH2 had Sephiorth has a optional boss on the cliffs at the end. TOUGH MOFO That guy. Can get a trophy there. Why wouldnt SE decide to implement a similar structure? FFX3 won't come for some time now, but they're already noticing, as are other developers, more and more people talking about trophy's buying SSHD for it and the likes. You just dont't want it to succeed. In fact, you want everyone to be just as miserable as you, so you'll make yourself seem like the victim when no one wants to listen to your words. Get a clue as to why that is.

Silogon5624d ago

I have 96 ignores, I could care less about people listening to me, man. It's my goal. 100, here I come!

As for what you said, yeah. Sure thing. You won't be seeing but 9 to 12 3rd party games support trophy's next year. Watch and see. Only 5 will support them this year. 3rd party that is.

Don't have to like me or listen to me, but I will be right. Oh, I will be right.

now c'mon man gimme some BUBS!!!!!!!! whooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Nitrowolf25624d ago

just wait till the game comes out and it does happen to have trophy support i know i will be there to rub it in your face

Drekken5624d ago

I ignored him, but I am a masochist I guess... I click show only to be annoyed and feel my brain cells vanish.

Silogin was dropped on his head a lot as a child and was probably the kid locked in a cage and had his flesh fed to his family. You would be bitter too.

juuken5624d ago

Who are you...Nostradamus?

Just like I've been saying all along.

Whenever there's piece of good PS3 news, you have to come over and ruin it for everyone. What did I tell you *SILLYgon*? Sell your damn PS (if you have one) and leave the rest of us alone.

kazuma5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

don't tell me that u want trophies in rpg's too?
level 1

wow that's like 99 trophies just in one game, one for each level!

edit @1.9
i know i was just joking =D

still, my opinion on this: i don't want them.

Silogon5624d ago

I love this "IF" I have one nonsense. Easy way to find out check my tag and you'll know. I have a ps3, stop acting like retards and stop trying to be detectives cause none of you are good at it and every attempt you make to call me out as someone I'm not or say I don't have a damn ps3 is just silly.

meepmoopmeep5624d ago

actually, developers have to conform to a guideline for trophies which only enable them a limited number to reach and must be spread out within the game and trophy system.

Esena5624d ago

Why wouldn't there be trophies? I don't hear any logical explanation for that.

Obtaining all 'secret' summons/characters .. IDK I am sure SE can be creative - I mean they do come out with some pretty creative games.

Silogon grow up man. Didn't mom ever teach to you -- "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all" -- what purpose do you serve coming here to spread nonsense? All you are doing for yourself is digging a deeper hole than you began with. Go outside -- it has been nice the past couple of days :)

juuken5624d ago

My God, if you have a PS3...then at LEAST...once in your miserable life give Sony some credit. I don't see why you have to constantly bash them for heaven's sake. They get enough bashing from the media, 360 muppets, and Anti-Sony fanatics. Yes, they messed up a couple of times...I won't deny that.

But this is ridiculous.

Grow up.

TheDeadMetalhead5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

Enough said.

@S#!tigon: Now you have 97 ignores. The peak of everest is within reach! Go for that 100th Ignore you poor deluded clueless dumbass! XD

Pain5624d ago

Sil your just to bloody retarded to understand anything.

If u really believe the crap u say, Please go sterilize your self and save humanity the medical bill or your DNA.

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Armyless5624d ago

I can only imagine what kind of challenge some of these trophies will present.

meepmoopmeep5624d ago

gimme a Bahamut and Shiva one tooooooooooo!

AllroundGamer5624d ago

FF trophies will be probably the hardest ones to get, LVL99 characters etc. :D so getting the Platinum will force people in many many hours of playtime.