Flagship Studios No Longer Owns Hellgate London

"In breaking news, Korean news website reports that HanbitSoft is taking full control over the Hellgate: London intellectual property from Flagship Studios."

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Drekken4731d ago

This story is a lie and the update clearly states that.

Tyrael4731d ago

Why would anyone want to purchase the intellectual property rights to a game that received mediocre ratings?

M337ING4731d ago

Because it sold well and currently has over a million subscribers?

RememberThe3574731d ago

They need to wash their hands of that mess, and move on.

Tmac4731d ago

This is a fake story FYI.

luxarific4731d ago

No, both sides have unleashed the lawyers.

luxarific4731d ago

It's too bad, but maybe it's for the best. Flagship could never devote the resources this game needed to fully realize its potential. If HanbitSoft wins the legal battle before too many subscribers abandon the game, I'm hoping they can revamp and relaunch Hellgate. There really was some good stuff there, but it just never jelled for me. I feel bad for the "lifetime" subscribers.

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