The Division: leaked a short footage of the Xbox One pre-alpha

VG247.it: After the first images leaked, now we found the first -short- footage of the Xbox One pre-alpha version of The Division.

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crunkthug3431d ago ShowReplies(2)
Saijahn3431d ago

i expect it to be more polished by release so no biggie

Naga3431d ago

Pre-potato version filmed on a potato looks like a potato.

Kingthrash3603430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Who's making this game...?
Ok. Ill be suprised if this game comes out looking as great as it did at e3.
But givin ubisofts past.....im confident it wont. I just hope they don't screw up the game play, they screw this up and ubisoft wont recover.
after the crew ac unity and watchdogs....im keeping my eys open before i buy anything from them.
That said i want this game to be good. Being that its only a pre alpha ill wait for a share play or somthing before i decide it its a bad game.
I gotta say tho this looks pretty bad at the moment.

Deadlead3430d ago

Lol that killed me man, thank you.

Syntax-Error3430d ago

Ah c'mon now. We all know this game will NOT look like that. They are banking on this game being a blockbuster, so I doubt that PS2 game you just saw was not the actual product.

PONTIAC08G8GT3430d ago

Here we go once again with everyone believing graphics > gameplay. Tell me, how did that work out for DriveClub? Beautiful game, much nicer then Forza 5 and FH2. But the gameplay was trash. The Order, looks beautiful, but its short. Would you all seriously rather the game look like it did during E3 but play like crap? I've got no problem sacrificing some graphics for a solid frame rate, solid online play, and tight controls. If the game is boring and gameplay is a mess then what good does beautiful graphics do? You going to just stand there and admire how pretty it looks?

kupomogli3430d ago


I'd rather have a great game over a bad game with great graphics. However just because a game looks great doesn't mean that it has to be a bad game.

Last gen versions of Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Infamous 2, and Heavy Rain were some of the best looking games released on the PS3 and they were all great games.

Just because a game has more or less an Earth Defense Force budget and looks like crap doesn't mean the game is going to be any good.

PX543430d ago

@Pontiac - well said

@kupomogli - Gameplay is more important than graphics when it comes to a video game. Given Ubisofts recent efforts they're trying to make things look good before bothering to make them play well - then sacrificing some of the graphic levels to make the game playable. I wouldn't put it past them to do the same with The Division, but I really hope they don't this looks like it has the potential to be a great game, but if they're focusing most of their energy on graphics that's not going to happen - at least not straight away. You'll end up with a HUGE day 1 patch just to get it to work and then more patches within the first month to make it stable and add features that should have been working on release day.
I'd rather have a game developer make a game that looks like last gen and plays well than looks like 'next gen' and plays poorly. And obviously there are the few exceptions that both look good and play well.
However Including Heavy Rain in that list of yours kind of proves the point of Graphics over Gameplay given that's more of an interactive movie than a game.

gamerfan1283421d ago


Driveclub has great gameplay.

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sizeofyou3431d ago

Even the screenshots of the potato were edited on a potato leaving potato streaks across the potato image...

joab7773431d ago

We all knew it wouldn't look like it's announcement. But if it's good, who cares.

JackOfAllBlades3430d ago

We all knew it wouldn't look as good as the announcement on Xbox One you mean. PC could be a different story.

NewPCgamer3430d ago

Well yea Rowdius. But looks also arent everything. Ryse and The Order say hi. :3

starchild3430d ago

People are seriously trying to claim a downgrade happened to the game based on this very poor quality footage? Lol

You can't tell much from this footage and what little you can see from it looks just as good as the first footage. I think some people are just riding the hate train.

Angeljuice3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Look at the screen shots, it looks utter turd compared to the original footage. This may be pre-alpha but it hardly installs confidence. With Ubi's track record of late you can pretty much count on this to be a major disappointment (I hope I'm proven wrong as I want this game to be great).

P.S. Everybody knows Badger loves mashed potatoes.

kraenk123430d ago

Oh come on. The original footage was on an highend PC not an XBox One. It's clear there is no comparison.

Palitera3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Ubisoft being the developer guarantees:

1. MAJOR downgrade.
2. Liberate towers or whatever to reveal map and activities.
3. Millions of objects scattered through chests and more chests and more chests with useless names and which can only be used to be sold.

They are really predictable by now.

BABY-JEDI3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

The lighting looks a little bit pre-baked-potatoe. The textures look a bit chipped. But apart from that, I think they sMashed it.
; )

Volkama3430d ago

Something something Birdseye potato waffles something.

Yeah that's right, you're not the only one capable of clever potato wordplay!

BABY-JEDI3430d ago

Well done Volkama, we will make a poet of you yet LoL
; D

TekKing3430d ago

Why do you expect a game from Ubisoft to be more polished by release?

Jamesvicky3430d ago

Ubisoft is not a bad but they try to provide your best experience

otherZinc3430d ago

I expect the Division & Rainbow Six Siege to be Campaign Co-op.

Especially Rainbow Six Siege; Campaign Co-op & Terrorist Hunt Co-op. Same as in the other Rainbow Six games on the XBOX.