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Cameron Woolsey writes - "Imperfect as it may be, Helldivers' focus on the cooperation of a small team looking out for each other against oppressive waves of enemies elevates it from what would have been a fun and challenging shooter, to a game that now sits at the top of my list of how I plan to spend many future evenings: with a gun in hand, my allies at my back, and a broad smile on my face."

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the_dark_one2891d ago

8????? from gamespot? GOTY guarantied

realplayer822891d ago

This and revelations can hold me over until bb.

bleedsoe9mm2891d ago

only game from sony's march that remotely looks interesting to me .

bleedsoe9mm2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

i know i'm in the minority but i don't like souls games and the animation priority gameplay . i'm also not a fan of game that look like they could run on a snes , i played those game enough when i was a kid . i admit it i'm weird .

@JoGam shovel knight, jamestown and axiom verge may very well be great games they are just not for me

JoGam2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

What games look like it can run on SNES?

Edit: Oh I see what ur talking about. I felt the same way until I played Fez. I try to give a game time to win me over before I give up on it. Found some gems I felt didn't get the time of day from the masses.

blakstarz2891d ago

Don't let Phil Fish hear you say that.....