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Michael Cwick writes - "Helldivers is an entertaining ride and a great co-op experience. The amount of unlockables and the solid core mechanics should keep players coming back. There are other twin-stick top-down shooters on the PS4 and more are coming, but the added strategy and challenge that comes with Helldivers sets it apart. It’s the Starship Troopers game we deserve. If you are craving a new co-op game, Helldivers deserves your time and attention. And remember the only good bug is a dead bug so do your part and pick up a controller."

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Forn2891d ago

Can't wait to play this when I get off work. It's going to be the game that holds me over until Alienation releases.

MysticStrummer2891d ago

Eagerly awaiting the store update so I can join the fight.