Forget about the resolution debate: ScreamRide's destruction shows what Xbox One is capable of The team behind ScreamRide, Frontier Developments, which is perhaps best known for its RollerCoaster Tycoon games, says the game has more than 50,000 individual pieces in the mode.

The game runs surprisingly well, without so much as a stutter or framerate drop during the game's more demanding moments, particularly during Demolition Expert. Check out the video below for an example.

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DarkOcelet2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

While the destruction looks cool, i don't know why this cant run on 1080p. Its not that hardware extensive i think.

But overall the game looks like a great mindless fun with cool blowing stuff.

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AngelicIceDiamond2893d ago

@Dark I'm pretty sure its full HD.

DarkOcelet2893d ago

If it is then great :) .

christocolus2893d ago

The destruction in the game is mighty impressive but i think crackdown3 will be on a whole other level. I enjoyed the screamride demo so im going to pick it up.

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LexHazard792893d ago

Does 1080p make it more FUN?

DarkOcelet2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I never said it did. I am just saying that i think they can make it 1080p. Thats all :) .

And to answer your question. No, it does not.

DarkOcelet2893d ago

I never said it did. I am just saying that i think they can make it 1080p. Thats all :) .

And to answer your question. No, it does not.

Why o why2893d ago

go play it in 480p sure you'd be fine with that

LexHazard792893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

@why o why, it was a simple question. 1080p is not gonna make a game any more fun, thats where gameplay comes in. Not that Dark even said that, but he implied it should be...

And if a game is fun at 480p, Ill play it...

Why o why2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I didn't spend my money to achieve similar fidelity to last gen. I want improvements. Wanting great gameplay goes without saying as its the priority. Its almost like people are selfish for wanting gameplay and better graphics like both cant co exist.

1080p can make some games better in terms of clarity or draw distance but overall it doesnt improve gameplay. Now thats outof the way, whats wrong with wanting better fidelity as long as there is no detriment to any of the other facets of the game.

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bonabice2893d ago

this game make me remember of PAIN on ps3. sorry but it look less fun then PAIN

vallencer2893d ago

I've played both and it's a lot more fun the pain.

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Godmars2902893d ago

Resolution shouldn't be a debate. Not to the level it indeed is.

But then again particle effect should be one either.

The Order already shows that graphics have become too much of a thing. That there's no balance between gameplay. Though given how even gameplay much less reviews don't seem to be factors in how well that game is selling - who knows.

Its all BS.

Scottyxboxoneandps42893d ago

@ Godmars...
I think the order selling well, is a case of casuals looking at the graphics thinking wow!! And the hardcore Sony fans wanting so much for a good exclusive or game for that matter, that they are all over it. Can't blame them for the drought they've had last year...

freshslicepizza2893d ago

the ps4 didn't have a drought, it only appeared that way on the surface because the xbox one focused mainly on a couple of months. the ps4 spread out their titles and 2015 looks to be very much the same. screamride isn't really a big title to counter what you think of the order.

jrshankill2893d ago


It isn't a big budget game, but I personally think Screamride is more fun than The Order.

jhoward5852893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This game is very taxing on the x1 CPU, which handles the geometry, physics, and collision engine.

Though, the graphics isn't all that which isn't an issue if the game run on an older DX api.

Dx12 can change that of course.

rdgneoz32893d ago

DX12 is mainly going to be helping out PCs, not xbones. For xbones, it'll mainly make it easier porting games over. DX12 is about making PCs code closer to the metal, which is what they do with console coding already.

RiseofScorpio2893d ago

Here we go again."xbones" really?

GenuineGamer2893d ago

@rdgneoz3: Please stop spreading your ignorant misinformation. dx12 is not about getting close to the metal even though it does improve on that.

XB1 was designed with dx12 in mind. Why else do you thing it has esram onboard. The entire board design screams dx12.

GenuineGamer2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Whats the bet you people disliking my comment didn't even watch the video. It goes over everything MS have said reg dx12 on xbox and explains to you in the most basic way possible that dx12 is going to benefit xbo.

Ignorance is bliss in fanboy lala land it seems. smh

angelusbrz2893d ago

DX12 will change nothing on the Xbox One.

Mehmeh2893d ago Show
GenuineGamer2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

@angelusbrz: maybe you should watch this if you think it will do nothing.

XB1 was designed for dx12.

jhoward5852893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


From the looks of things, I'd say this game is running on DX9,(or an older api) but not on Dx12.

If so, than you already should know CPU core(zero) is doing the most heavy lifting while the other CPU cores aren't working as hard as core zero.

With that in mind, The draw calls will be limited, so therefore the graphic itself will be limited as well because again CPU core(zero) is too busy doing other compute processes(physics, and collision engine) while the other cores sit n wait for further instructions.

DX12 can change that b/c it will help the CPU to make good use on all it cores.

urwifeminder2893d ago

Tear in eye thinking of the destructive joy that was Red faction Guerrilla online or single player killed may a player with a falling building.

Ryan7412893d ago

This game is knocking it out the park with the review scores, another good Microsoft exclusive this gen. Looks a hell of a lot of fun.

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