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If any of you are like me, you probably spent many hours over the years playing the Roller Coaster Tycoon and Thrillville series from Frontier Games. Now they are back with a new game that's as wacky as ever! In ScreamRide, players will be riding, building, and destroying coasters and other kinds of rides.

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XboxCulture2899d ago

" He ccomplains that the gameplay isn't that fun, but since when is gameplay so important?"

Gameplay is the most important factor when it comes to Playing Games

Software_Lover2899d ago

............ I'm pretty sure you missed an "/s" somewhere. You might just need to turn up your sarcasm meter's power.

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getrektedmate2899d ago

I played the beta, it wasn't what i was expecting it to be...

urwifeminder2899d ago

I enjoyed the demo and will give it a go hopefully the price is not too high nice review.

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