Playstation 2 is Xbox 360's biggest challenger in South America

AT THE AEShow 2006 exhibition held in Buenos Aires city last month, we witnessed an interesting scenario: people were flocking to Sony's booth which showcased a handful of Playstation 2 consoles.

With the Playstation 3 not yet available locally, and with Microsoft showcasing its Xbox 360, Sony decided to fight the Vole's latest greatest at the show with a proven weapon: the ubiquitous and immensely popular PS2.

And guess what? people were gathering around Sony's PS2 booth with arguably the same interest -if not more- than Microsoft's. Judging by the cheering of the crowd, the folks playing with the PS2 seemed to be having more fun, and not to care about the Microsoft booth a few metres away. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Microsoft might not sell a lot of Xbox 360 consoles... perhaps it will. But one thing is certain, down here it's Sony which appears to 'own' the gaming console mind set with its ubiquitous Playstation 2 and its associated product brand awareness, especially among the younger gaming crowd.

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Maddens Raiders4427d ago

First India now S. America, wth is up with that? More of the "HDTV" factor, maybe? I dunno, but Big Brazilian arses and Recaro seats at perfect eye level with a little GT4 to boot? -- priceless. lol

MicroGamer4427d ago

PS2 for $300?? Why when the PS2 is only $129 here, and why the hell is 360 being sold for $800??? Are they insane???

CyberSentinel4426d ago

"We don't approve of piracy, but it's a reality of the local market that nobody can overlook: a lot of people down here buy the PS2 because they can go and buy inexpensive games for it on street markets and the like.

Sony Argentina says it is aware of the problem and wants to tackle it by offering lower-cost editions of the games more according to the income levels of the local marketplace. Augspach said, "due to the exchange rate with the dollar and local income levels, the majority of the population cannot reach the cost of imported games, then they buy pirate games. But we are working to bring games to the country at better prices, and educating the marketplace."

If you look at the PS2 console auctions on the local eBay affiliate site MercadoLibre, you'll see an awful lot are described as "con chip" - that means with a modchip installed by the third-party vendors."

I'm sure game developers love that.

TheMART4426d ago

Because they don't have the money to buy new stuff in South America, that's why.

They will always buy old, outdated stuff for a low price. Let them have the PS2 and enjoy it

Wipy18384425d ago

porque sacas conclusiones estupidas, sony es sinonimo de calidad en sud america, los consumidores prefieren productos japoneses a productos americanos, un factor determinante es que se venden juegos piratas para PS2 aprecios baratisimos, pero para que funcionen tienes que comprarte un chip que te permita leer estos discos.
En mi opinion Xbox es fuerto solo en Estados Unidos, pero en el resto del mundo Playstation es la preferida.

power of Green 4426d ago

Come on bro!. You the man!, out of the Sony camp what's this low blow garbage Everbody wants what's new. The comment isn't like you.

Maddens Raiders4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

My man, don't even think that I believe for a second that the PS2 is "better" than the the 360. It was just funny that after we all debated the "India" story and how they think that the PS2 is a better "bargain" for them there, that the people in S. America kinda think the same way, but for seemingly different reasons. That's all -- just the quirckiness of the PS2 phenomonon around the world with its "goodie bag" full of 1,000's of good 'ol games. Any body with half a brain(here in America)knows that the 360 provides beefed up EVERYTHING compared to the PS2, but what's funny here is that the PS2 continues to hold its own whether due to people not being able to afford flat screen LCD's [India] or just their unfamiliarity of 360 games compared to the "old comfortable pair of sneakers" [Brazil] in the PS2. Not trying to be a fanatic, just a reporter of things that make you go, hmmmm.

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The story is too old to be commented.