Connectivity Enhancements Now Abused By Gamers

Now, one gamer takes remote play and being a couch potato to another level as well as becoming a sensation on a global scale after he shared an image of himself playing the PS4 will resting in the bath tub. Of course, the TV is not in the bathroom so the gamer used Facetime to act as the screen.

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Neonridr3138d ago

lol.. is it that hard to take a shower/bath and then come back to your game after?

PeaSFor3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

wow, two ipads only to do facetime and get a ridiculous 5 seconds delay......

..or you can simply use a Xperia Z Tablet(its water proof) and use the android app to do remote play with little to no input lag.

Neonridr3138d ago

or you could simply use the bathroom / shower and play your games after. Remember having to do that when we were kids?

GokuSolosAll3137d ago

Always thought there should be a waterproof handheld. "Aqua Boy" or "Beach Boy" or "H2O Gear." Something like that.

BosSSyndrome3137d ago

I feel like Beach Boy might of had some legal issues

Clown_Syndr0me3137d ago

Pretty sure everyone with a PS vita has used remote play either in the bath or on the toilet.

don't see point of this article.


Miles Morales Remote Play Over WiFi 6 with Full HDR on iPhone 12 Pro

Can't stand to be away from your PS5 just yet? Craving some more Spider-Man Miles Morales. Remote play will help you with that. It works surprisingly well.

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SullysCigar1044d ago

What's funny is remote play has only been mentioned as a side note by Sony. People were asking for clarity regarding PS5 for months and eventually it was acknowledged right on launch, like, "What? oh yeah, that's there too and works great, but whatever, we we want to talk about..."

Meanwhile, every other article was touting how you can play your Xbox on your phone and showing pictures of a gadget attaching the phone to the controller...just like Sony has had (and I have owned) for YEARS!

isarai1044d ago

EXACTLY, it seems really weird to me.

potatoseal1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

It's because Sony know that NO ONE uses it. No one cares. MS will soon find that out. People just don't want to play big games on tiny screens via remote play. The people that do are in a small minority. It's the same with BC for 360 and OG Xbox, only a small minority even use it regularly. These are all nice features to have, but there are bigger things to talk about and that's why Sony hardly mentioned it.

gaffyh1043d ago

True, nobody uses half of the features to be honest. Just nice to have.

Neonridr1043d ago

I mean I bought my Vita basically to be used for remote play on my PS4. Most games it worked fine enough, some games had some brutal control setups which mean you had to use the touch screen to perform certain actions (infamous SS for example). I can see the appeal for people who want to continue gaming when they are away from their machine, but it's definitely not a huge draw.

Tacoboto1043d ago

I use both remote play (PS & Steam) and BC (Xbox) regularly... Remote Play is super nice when you're able to use Ethernet on your host devices, none are really playable to me over Wifi.

Xbox though doesn't let you play 360 games from remote play and it's got terrible audio crackling. So even when they're later they're still worse at it.

nveenio1042d ago

I use remote play a lot. Just not for playing. I use it for things like checking downloads or installs, or even logging into a game to see what the in-game notices are without having to climb out of bed to the living room television. It's a handy feature. I treat it quite a bit like remote desktop. No, it's not how I want to use my PC all of the time, but it sure is nice to have that kind of access to my PC when I want/need it.

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ABizzel11042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

You can remote play on your phone, laptop, desktop, etc... And as long as you have a solid internet connection it works really good. I've been using my iPad left and right with it. Remote Play has been around since the PS3 days, and it has gotten better with each generation.

I don't recommend using it in highly responsive driving games as sometimes you can get a little hick-up, but it's perfectly suited for games like turn-based RPGs, cards games, and things like that.


How to Setup Sony PS4 Remote Play Download for Android

In the latest update the Sony PS4 Remote Play download has is now available for use with Android and features Bluetooth PS4 controller support.

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Jimboms1454d ago

Obviously the Vita compatibility is the only important part of this.

woxijobac1453d ago

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Ratchet751453d ago

I've been remote playing on my Sony xz3 for the past two years now with a dualshock attached to it and it's a million time better with a psvita.

Teflon021453d ago

XZ3 is only just over a year old though...
But yes, this Android feature is nothing new and I actually prefer it on Vita over phones

Ratchet751452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I meant xz2.
Just a typo😉

1454d ago
NarutoFox1454d ago

I haven't tested it out yet

bluefox7551453d ago

I tried this a few years ago, you had to use a work around though, probably easier now.

KTF261452d ago

I can download it from Play Store now
I assume it's no longer exclusive on Xperia devices

Xaevi1453d ago

Works better than with a Vita, it would lag real bad for me on there. Ik it's never gonna happen but I would so love a remote play app on the Switch

Zeke681453d ago

Just buy a Playstation...

Xaevi1453d ago

I already own a PS4. so what would buying another do?

KTF261452d ago

his comment implied he already own a PS4
he just want a remote play App for the switch

Zeke681452d ago

Fair enough, guess I fastread these comments just a little too fast while I was sitting here in the local hockeyarena waiting for next period to start. My fault. 😉