ScreamRide (Xbox One, Xbox 360) Game Review / Popzara

Rollercoaster Tycoon fans will love the fun of designing coasters – plus the only vomit you’ll need to clean up is your own.

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Foehammer2896d ago

Game is off to a good start

Great to see it is a lot of fun.

...and recommended

well done

XboxCulture2896d ago

This is under Embargo until tonight at 9pm PC / 12am ET - We must Respect the Developers wishes.

jackanderson19852895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

may well be embargoed but this site has already dropped it, no point trying to hide it for the sake of a couple of hours

Wikkid6662895d ago

Why embargo a game that's already had a demo?

TheRedButterfly2895d ago

While I agree with you, it's more to do with respect for the publisher, rather than the developer.

And even then, releasing a review before the embargo lifts really only affects the relationship that the outlet/publisher have. Break embargo? Don't expect early access to the next title.

^ Clearly a dumbed-down version, but you get it. :)

ChronoJoe2895d ago

Maybe publishers should have more respect for consumers and not impose such embargo's?

While yes, for the website itself it makes more sense to adhere to the embargo (otherwise they will not receive press copies in the future), for consumers the more opinions they can get prior to the games launch, the better they can inform their early purchase decisions.

Bottomline, most people reading these reviews are consumers, not marketing executives. So your 'respect the developers wishes' remark is really preaching to the wrong crowd.

XboxCulture2895d ago

Im not trying to preach, just stating we should abide by the rules

ChronoJoe2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

What rules? N4G doesn't impose such rules. The publisher does, who are stating this to? The author of the article may not have even had the same Embargo other sites / your site has. How would you even know?

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Dudebro902895d ago

Looks like somebody mistaked 12:01 am for pm. Good luck with explaining that one to Microsoft.

DigitalRaptor2895d ago

I honestly don't think Microsoft will mind on this one.

There's no review score for people to latch on to and sensationalise.

snaggdadon2895d ago

looks trash!! like a remastered kinect game ...smh just bring on ori!!