A big Announcement for Final Fantasy VII very soon.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Tetsuya Nomura offers some interesting details about Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, Blu-ray version of the film out there is already a certain time. Nomura also notes that a big announcement that should accompany the release date, without giving more details. Such vagueness should encourage the wildest rumours.

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SickNick855193d ago

if it's true Nintendo and Microsoft have already lose the CW...FF VII remake is the biggest exclusive ever and for me they sell it for all platforms

Fishy Fingers5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

The quote is incorrect. Here the URL in English
and that's no where to be seen. Don't get your excitement up yet.

Ah, it's been changed, still doesn't match google?

Fishy Fingers5193d ago

Fair enough, at least now it reflects the google translation or any other I can find. Approved.

It's huge speculation to say it's FFVII, I'll cross my fingers with the rest of you but I'm not so sure.

Lifendz5193d ago

FFVII remake for the friggin win!

gaffyh5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

I really hope so, but most likely they'll just announce they are releasing the PS1 FFVII on the PSN.

lol @cloud360 below


why are square enix always reintroducing the same games updated on new platforms. isnt it enough that they are making the final fantasy series stretch into the double digits? i love and i mean LOVE the final fantasy series but come on? in 50 years are we going to see FFVII on the new sony PS10 remade with photorealistic graphics.. let the classics be remembered as classics.

fermcr5193d ago

Remake of the same game, hummmm... no thanks... i want a new game.

It's like remaking a good movie... the remake is always a piece of crap.

5193d ago
JustinSaneV25193d ago

I'm pretty sure the biggest exclusive ever was Super Mario Bros. for the original NES.

AngryBot5193d ago

"why are square enix always reintroducing the same games updated on new platforms. isnt it enough that they are making the final fantasy series stretch into the double digits? i love and i mean LOVE the final fantasy series but come on? in 50 years are we going to see FFVII on the new sony PS10 remade with photorealistic graphics.. let the classics be remembered as classics."

>> And your point being? What difference does it make anyway. Do they force you to buy? Does EA release crap all the time? Why arent you bugging EA.

Why arent you bugging Capcom. 4 RE remakes, Countless SF variants, Bionic commander remake.

Why is SE always getting the hate. Because they support the PS3? They can release anything they like. Its their business. And if you dont like their games, dont buy them. Its that simple.

Overr8ed5193d ago

I guess almost everyone is thing about the idea: "If it broken, Keep using it" but am looking forward if PS3 has a remake of FF VII i never got to play the Original and its hard to find it these days too.

Tomdc5193d ago

i can see them hyping this up and then announcing a mobile game...

elitewh0re5193d ago

wow, and you guys say halo's being milked? as much as i'd like to see a remake i agree with some of the others, leave the classics as they are.

kwicksandz5193d ago

If they are to announce a ff7 remake it will be on DS.

oh yeah i went there. DS. Believe!

RocketRaiders5193d ago

But EPIC news no doubt

good for PS3 owners

Organic_Chemistry5193d ago

Just the thought of an FF7 PS3 Exclusive remake makes me cream my pants. As long as they do just that; leave it as a remake, I will love the game. I just hope they dont change any storyline, leave the materia system as is, ahhhhhhh ff7, I think Im going to start up a new file this weekend!!!

And to those who think that they are milking the FF fans youre completely wrong, it is not all about money, if they remake an FF game and release it on every console including the crapbox then yes its obvious they only care about money, but a ps3 exclusive shows more than just $$$ it shows loyalty and honour

INehalemEXI5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

A PS3 FFVII Remake announcement would cause sites across the internet to crash. Humanity could return to the dark steam punk ages.

meepmoopmeep5193d ago

i agree... it's WHEN not IF.

player9115193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

If you read the article is it talking about the movie. The surprise is the added content for the movie, hence Advent Children COMPLETE.

It doesn't talk about a game or remake of a game no where.

Waste of space.

MADGameR5192d ago

IF this is true then Microsoft and Nintendo will be REELING! LOL!!


ohhhh angrybot, if only you have read some of my posts in forums you would see that i have talked about most of what you are saying. oh dont get me started on the 10 million street fighter 2 versions. and dont try and spin what i said into some anti-ps3 post, ("Why is SE always getting the hate. Because they support the PS3?) i only own a ps3, not a wii or 360, so dont draw that conclusion. SE is not getting any hate from me, just a disagreement.

IaMs125192d ago

I agree FFVII was awesome but if say MS wanted to Remake Halo 1 with multiplayer updated and MGS4 graphics lol (Yes exagerated CHIll MGS fans just making a point) then it would just be for money and not loyalty because its Halo and MS of course...

Bloodwar5192d ago

the next Final Fantasy is going to be on the Wii! I said Wii. 25 million strong and growing. Believe! HAHAHAHAHA J/K

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Harry1905193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )


Side-Note: Now I see why there are delays to FF Versus 13. The team in charge of CG is working very actively and putting all their efforts into the Advent Children Complete project. It is their priority right now.

Tomdc5193d ago

no they said its cos they are putting more effort into final fantasy 13 using people from that team, well thts the main reason.

Harry1905193d ago

Le réalisateur du jeu confie que l'équipe qui travaille actuellement dessus est très réduite, pour la simple et bonne raison que l'équipe cinématique se consacre surtout à Advent Children Complete et que les programmeurs prêtent main forte à ceux de FFXIII.

I know what I'm talking about.Just read it in its original version.

UnblessedSoul5193d ago

VII remake for Ps3? one can hope

Panthers5193d ago

Its not that hard to believe. It would be AMAZING. Hope they keep some of the humor and not make it too serious. I think the graphics were part of that humor though.

Daver5193d ago

it would be interesting, i hope we will get a release date for that bluray soon

ThanatosDMC5193d ago

Can i have FF8 too??? I think they're gonna change the gameplay to make it play like Kingdom Heart... i mean, that is how the gameplay of FFXIII will be as we saw in the gameplay videos.

I guess, it started with FF12.

kwicksandz5192d ago

I would actually love a HD remake of FF12. The world of that game was so awesomely star wars esque that it needed a HD console to do it proper justice.

And anything with more baltheir = good

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QueefyB5193d ago

sony will announce the remake and it will be one of the reasons why sony wins e3 2008

Shadow Flare5193d ago

Kaz Harai could just go on stage, take a dump in front of everyone, and walk off and Sony would still win E3. Thats because the competition is the Xbox 360, and the Gamecube for people who are fat.

Bill Gates5193d ago


Alright BABOONS, listen up. Make sure you BABOONS all have your new avatars, and screen names picked out and ready to go for when SONY goes on stage, cause when they're done, you sh!t stained face BABOONS wont be able to show your ugly faces around here ever again. NOTHING that M$ will announce will shock and awe, and I mean NOTHING!!....AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Mr PS35193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

Well only if your a BOT
And i'm not
And i Dont feel sorry for any of em !!!!
Just cant help laughing at them Sorry Assed Bots
The news just keeps gettin better and better
This is the End by The Door's is playing in the Background
And there are Plenty more Body Blows to come for the Bots
Before the final Knockout Punch for Microsoft is Delivered
This is one Happy Gamer thats sitting back and looking forward to the Next round

Can the Bots say the same !!

AngryBot5193d ago

Exclusively for the PS3.

Game over 360. Console war is over.

theKiller5193d ago

it will be a killing game

Light Yagami5193d ago

I would love a remake. The FMVs look like crap on an HDTV. They still sell the original game in stores here in Japan.

ppp5193d ago

hope this kills off the xbox360 dead

NegativeCreep4275192d ago

If the announcement of FFVII remake comes to fruition. I would totally buy that remake on day one. Without FFVII I wouldn't even approve of RPG's today.

I wonder how awesome the Golden Saucer would be in the PS3 remake? Like if they add more roller coasters and arcade games (and hopefully even a whore house...LOL J/K!!!)

FAQS5192d ago

A: This is AWESOME news!!

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Shadow Flare5193d ago

Even if this rumour is false, i still firmly believe they will remake this game for ps3. But like they have said again and again, they need to finish Final Fantasy XIII first. That's all.

I tell you something though, im a big fan of FFVII, as big as they get. But im gonna have to learn Japanese or something because i absolutely hate the english voice acting. You know when you imagine something, and then when you hear/see it, it completely kills the expectations you had? The english voice acting somehow to me sounds NOTHING like the characters should, yet for some crazy reason, the Japanese voice acting sounds EXACTLY how the characters should, even though i don't understand what they're saying. Also, please keep the battle system from the original FFVII, cos the new style sucks. I trust they'll make it great, but i hope they will keep it 'Final Fantasy VII' enough.

Doctor Strange5193d ago

I agree a remake will probably happen after they finish FFXIII but how I hope that they announce it soon though. Just to know it is in existence right now would be enough for me.