Your Weekly Update On Good PSP Sales, Lousy 360 Sales In Japan

Will nothing end the tedium of the PSP dominating Media Create hardware charts? We can't even take satisfaction in the continuing dismal fortunes of Microsoft overseas. Truth be told, the 360 has another relatively good week, as sales in the 1,000 to 2,000 range are more common. PlayStation 3 sales return to normal, as the Metal Gear Solid 4 bump continues to wane. Here are the results of the Japanese console war from June 30 to July 6.

PSP - 56,439
DS Lite - 47,455
Wii - 44,525
PlayStation 3 - 14,359
PlayStation 2 - 11,768
Xbox 360 - 4,776

wolfehound225820d ago

Well is anybody else surprised there has been no VGchart articles this week. Unless I missed the memo on not being able to post them here anymore, or there not doing and estimates this week. Aren't we usually overflowing with articles by this time every week. I know they can not be trusted, but that never stopped anyone from posting it before.

Tomdc5819d ago

vgchartz aint published any sales data for last week yet for some reason

MEGANE5819d ago

i really hate to say this but ps3 sucks in japan....and to say this is even worst for me...seems like xbox is doing better (almost 5000. Fc@#K!!!

KingME5819d ago

Funny how the title says "Lousy 360 Sales In Japan" when it is actually doing better than in past weeks. I could be wrong, but was PS3 sales down about 4000 from the past week.

It's just goes to show you how easily an article and the press can put a slant on a story. When I read the title I figured the 360 has sold less than 2000 units.

Too bad they didn't do +/- percentages

Voiceofreason5820d ago

Sad that PS3 only beat PS2 by 3k, and yet people willstill insist that MGS4 is a system seller even with proof like this staring them right in the face.

Pornlord5819d ago

It's not sad if you think that there are still great games coming for PS2 this year. Persona 4 is a must buy for me, it's coming in November.

Irishrocket695820d ago

part of their (MS) ten year plan!

xg-ei8ht5820d ago

Of course it sold systems, but once a game is out, ppl who wanted it have already got it. Bundles were sold out everywhere.

MGS4 is already over the 2million mark.

The Mikester5820d ago

I'm glad PS3 is finally getting its sales back to normal and the 360 isn't doing so well at all but what do you expect. I mean the japanese did create sony and japan is the heart of sony so i'm not really surprised about the 360 being the lowest.