Is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD worth buying on PS4 and Xbox One for JRPG fans?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not JRPG fans should buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Summons752896d ago

Considering we never got it in the west AND it's been completely revamped so it looks 100 times better than the psp? That's a definite yes.

Abash2896d ago

The game looks awesome and it has a demo for FFXV. This is definitely worth buying for JRPG fans, not even a qusetion

thekhurg2896d ago

Is it classic turn based or that new real time stuff that square went to after abandoning the superior combat engines of old?

cemelc2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"or that new real time stuff that square went to after abandoning the superior combat engines of old"

I dont like turn based, so that makes your comment superior to mine or just you forcing your opinion on others?

gaffyh2896d ago

I played the PSP one and just found it really weird. There's a weird card element and it's not like any other FF I've played. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but I actually thought Ff13 was better

indyman77772896d ago

I'm with you thekhurg, square has had a 11 year retreat, every other Japanese company has eaten their jrpg lunch. And now they want to feed us more of there j-western-action rpg remake. Slap in the face!
Why don't square get the action rpg fan to buy their action rpg's like people bought the turn based? I know I know they say it takes 5-6 years to make an AAA turn based JRPG. But they should have given up on this force feed action a long time ago. Or at least sale the IP's to Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo by now.

pivotplease2896d ago

Personally I still see it as a cash grab (a portable game remastered and sold at $70). That and a way for them to expand the PS userbase (primarily in Japan). It will be worth it for me when the price halves though for sure. I don't need a demo for a game that I know I'm going to play. We've already waited so long. Another year or so is nothing in the scheme of things.

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BloodAddiction2896d ago

the first thing im shoving into my ps4 is the FFXV demo disc i dont care that much about type-0

Kurisu2896d ago

There isn't a FFXV demo disc...

BloodAddiction2896d ago

@Kurisu im sorry THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE DEMO now that i think about it it wouldnt make since if it was a disk but what matters is theres still a demo and i dont like how many people disagree about me wanting to play the demo

Kurisu2896d ago

I don't think people are disagreeing with you because you want to play the demo. More so the fact that you're automatically shunning Type-0 HD when people have been crying out for a Western release for years. I played the Japanese PSP demo a few years back and it was a lot of fun. Maybe you should give it a chance.

BloodAddiction2896d ago

@Kurisu Dude theres never a final fantasy game that i never played ive played type-0 on psp and u cant blame me for prioritizing a final fantasy game over the other

BinaryMind2896d ago

Only tools pay $60 for a demo. Type-0 will be loads more enjoyable than that bloody demo.

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joab7772896d ago

If it were not for Bloodborne, I'd be getting this. Love to get for the FF15 demo too, but Im afraid it may just sit there for awhile.

But it looks amazing and I will play it eventually. I also think that if square is smart, after they use the demo to sell a bunch of games, they should make it free for everyone...b/c it will only help their cause...I think.

Maybe, they figure only die hard FF fans will buy 0 and thus will be nicer concerning Duscae. I actually have faith in 15 though.

Kurisu2896d ago

Are you aware that the FFXV demo is limited to first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0?

nX2896d ago

Same here, i could even imagine the FF15 demo being available on PSN one day. As I'll be getting it anyway, i don't need to play the demo.

colonel1792896d ago

Short Answer: YES!

metatronx2896d ago

@Gaffyh: Yeh type-0 on psp was so weird. The camera was horrible and felt a bit clunky to me.

Magicite2896d ago

what kind of question this even is?

3-4-52896d ago

I'll get it most likely but not until it's a lot cheaper.

Too many backlogged games and I just bought Korg Volca Sample so no cash for it. lol

* I wouldn't even play the FF15 demo anyways.

I want FF15 to be as great as an experience as possible so I'm trying to avoid as much gameplay and screenshots and info as possible.

I've only ever played FF7 in the main series, and FF11 & FFTA2 for other games in the FF world.

pivotplease2896d ago

FF1,4,6,9,10, TA, and the original Tactics are all worth a shot depending on your tolerance for old-school RPGs. FF11 and its first couple of expansions were phenomenal, though painfully difficult, grindy, and sometimes wholly inaccessible.

Muzikguy2896d ago

I keep forgetting about the release of this. I'm on the fence still. I like RPGs and all, but I miss the turn based ones. I've had my action fill. There's not much thought and/or strategy involved in ARPGs IMO. Also, the demo isn't something that will make me buy it either. I've waited for Versus for a loooooong time, I already know I'm going to get it. The demo would just irritate me playing the same thing over and over until the game hits retail.

As for Square saying it take 5+ years to make a good AAA RPG, I'm inclined to disagree. They do it once, and then they have something to work from. Problem is, they're making excuses not to do it once.

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HentaiMasterRace2896d ago

Definitely, and it comes with Episode Duscae.

Hoffmann2896d ago

Like others said, its a no-brainer actually. The game looks good, it seems to be more fun than all FF 13 games together and last but not least it also has that FF15 demo.

NoctisPendragon2896d ago

It looks like two games (lvl 99 cap for the demo) in 1 for myself wich is great.

Kurisu2896d ago

No level cap is great, but once I've explored the demo I don't plan on burning myself out.

NoctisPendragon2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

If the blue brontosaurus are lvl 99 or lvl 70+ , i'll fight them until i win .
If i dont need to be lvl 99 to beat everything i wont grind till lvl 99.

pivotplease2896d ago

Reminds me of the dinosaurs from 13. I hated that game so much though that I couldn't grind past the point where they one hit KO me.

hkgamer2896d ago

i dont see why it wouldnt be worth buying.

its a decent effort on a HD port, we could see that they spent time on this instead of just rushing something out. the exclusion on multiplayer mode is kinda sad but i most likely would have just ignored anyway.

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