Valve & HTC’s Vive HMD Image Revealed

VRFocus - Following the official reveal of the collaboration between Valve and HTC earlier today, the first official image of the Vive head-mounted display (HMD) has been revealed. The device itself has been confirmed to be available as a ‘developer edition’ this spring, followed by a consumer release later this year.

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LOGICWINS1385d ago

Getting the M9 and getting this as well!

mixelon1385d ago

Things I never thought I'd end up with a collection of: competing VR headsets.

I guess we're in the future now. :D

This looks really cool, 2x high res screens is a lot nicer than one split 1080p one.. Bring on the CV1 though, Oculus!

Hmm, this will need a beefy rig unless games pull back a bit or are incredibly well optimised.. That's a lot of pixels to be pushing at 90fps!

antikbaka1385d ago

Valve is known for their tendency to postpone things or cancel them all together. For me it's just another player on a field where lot's of competitors saying things and still not delivering anything.

Pandamobile1385d ago

Except Valve already has the platform and the means to make this a mass-market product.

VR on PC will end up being a battle from a bunch of different players. With Oculus and Valve now battling for space, I can guarantee that things are gonna heat up when these get closer to release this year.

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