Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation (PS Vita) Game Review / Popzara

Feels more like an expansion than a sequel, but it’s OK; Re;birth 1 worked well, 2 does the same, everyone is happy.

Full review by Cory Galliher on Popzara

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IrisHeart1381d ago

How did this get approved without a review score again?

popzara1380d ago

Because N4G allows the option of submitting a review with "NO SCORE" - which is really inappropriate as our site does give review grades: YAY, NAY, EDITOR'S CHOICE.

Unfortunately, N4G, like most gaming websites, doesn't allow for much outside the predictable (and banal) alpha-numeric binary (1-10, A-F). Consider this game a solid "YAY"

Spotie1380d ago

Not sure why anyone would have gotten upset about there not being a score(unless they're offended at having to actually READ a review).

In any case, thanks for the clarification.