Yu-Gi-Oh! Debuts Big In Famitsu’s January Downloads

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has been tracking digital sales for goods on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop and Xbox Live in a monthly list. Yu-Gi-Oh! and Minecraft hold the fort in January's Top 10.

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Gamer19822194d ago

No matter what country it is when a game you own the IP for (minecraft) sells more on a rivals console in any country its a tad embarrassing.

hkgamer2194d ago

not embarassing at all, but if you think it is then you probably think its embarassing for sony to have their topselling vita game that is owned by their rivals

gokuking2194d ago

For Sony to have a shot at being #1 on Vita they'd first have to release Vita games.

BG115792194d ago

Sony is being very transparent about their digital sales. That is very cool.

hkgamer2194d ago

i think its just a japan thing. they even track nintendos. im guessing they also track ms aswell but no surprise that they havent got any games on the top10

BG115792194d ago

Well, it should be done in other countries.

knifefight2194d ago

This is Famitsu magazine asking its readers what they bought in a poll -- it's not actually sales data. It's not from Sony or Nintendo. That's why it's listed as a rumor and not news.

WeAreLegion2194d ago

I want more Yu-Gi-Oh! games.

Gamesgbkiller2194d ago

I really want to play Yu-Gi-Oh!n my VITA.

It's been long since the last Tag Force game :(

Retroman2194d ago

I really want to play original Yugioh version on ps4
duel against Seto ............... Time to duel!!

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