$350 PC competes with PS4

Pixel Dynamo looks at a comparison of Shadow of Mordor running on the PS4 and a $350 PC and poses the question: does this mean something for gaming, or just tech-enthusiasts?

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jon12342347d ago

woah awesome ill just buy this instead and play bloodbourne on it! oh wait...

Vegamyster2347d ago

Ugh... every platform has good exclusives, whether or not you're interested in them is a different story but that doesn't nullify the ones that exist.

jon12342347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

you are right, i miss understood your comment at first, but still, i only commented because i find these type of articles pointless

Vegamyster2347d ago


I don't see them pointless when people still think you need a $1k+ PC to game on, granted this build does not include a OS and is not something I'd personally recommend ($500ish with OS) but it just shows you want you can do on a pretty low budget if you're willing to dig for deals.

Nitrowolf22347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

The article is pointless because thougg it is a $350 pc, they are second hand parts. I'm not gonna bother Google the price of it all, but the cpu, gpu, and motherboard all brand new come out between 500 to 600 dollars.

I get it, it's second hand and all, but that be like saying I got my ps4 for christmas, I paid nothing so a pc can't compete (dumb statement, but it goes along the lines)

Anyway, enjoy the platform you want to, no need for people to get all over a flame war about which is better. I have a high end rig, yet I enjoy console gaming more cause it feels at home with me. Does that make it inferior? Of course not, just preferences

rodelthegreat2347d ago

I agree with you. However, PC has way more quality exclusives than all consoles combined.

ABizzel12347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


Yeah, I was looking for the specs in the article and couldn't find them, saw them under the YouTube video, and everything is 2nd hand, the CPU & GPU alone are $300 new and that's searching for a deal.

To get a solid, contemporary, NEW gaming PC that's more powerful than the PS4 and XBO, and expect it to last you the next 6 - 7 years than you're going to spend around $500 (half the price of this rumored $1,000 that's been going on for far too long, and only $100 more than the PS4).

badz1492347d ago

this pc is awesome!...said no pc gamer EVER!

seriously, why are we still on this topic? who really buy a pc "just" to match the PS4? like SERIOUSLY!

decrypt2347d ago

Its about the games. It doesnt really matter which platform costs how much. Pc can cheaper than console or it can be a mid range pc costing 500-800 usd or it can be 5000 usd quad sli monster. Pc is ver flexible in that matter.

However when it comes to games. Consoles hardly have any games. Meanwhile even that 350usd pc has about 30 year of bc backing it up. Hence when it comes to the games there is no contest. Pc wins hands down.

Eonjay2347d ago

Yeah thats cool but I do have an issue with used parts. Can anyone comment on their experience?

Clunkyd2347d ago

"Pc has way more quality exclusives" Well thats a first. X'D
PC has the most shovelware! LOL

mikeslemonade2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

This article is just plain invalid. Why call it $350 when it's not $350 for anybody that will try to duplicate this? Doesn't include OS and they use used parts. This is easier said than done. What about all the time you are spending on scavenging for parts on ebay and bothering your friends for parts?

lol! checkout the specs of the potato Masher below. That's definitely not only $350.

$220 GTX 760, using the best price on google shop

$50 Motherboard, I couldn't even find so if you tried to buy it you couldn't

$185 CPU, which is the cheapest i5 desktop version I can find

$20 Ram, giving them the benefit out of the doubt I couldn't find cheaper than $25 but for a good deal you can get it for $20

$20 HDD, Didn't see anything for under $30 but if you shop for discounts

$20 Case

$20 PSU

$20 Cooler

They didn't even list a PSU. So with my good deal considerations I was only able to get this PC build $555 and then when you put windows 8 on this then that will bring it up to $630(no tax included yet!). So you got a $630 rig competing against a $400 PS4. That's not a fair comparison. And also PS4 will be optimized a lot better through out this generation. This $600 PC will decline faster in the next 2 years.

The Potato Masher:

i5 750 overclocked to 3.7 ghz
Asus H55 LGA 1150 motherboard
4GB DDR3 memory
GTX 760
320GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
Cooler Master Wavemaster Case
Arctic Silver Freezer 7 cpu cooler

Utalkin2me2347d ago

Lol @ this article. Buys second hand parts and doesn't have OS. You know what, i bought a PS4 second hand for 175 from a friend in need.

Macdaddy712347d ago

If it was not for games coming out on ps4 n X1 the pc would have junk games,..all the best games on pc are ports from consoles,'s always been like that!!!! Yeah they a hand full of games comes to pc n not console...pc guys should think consoles guys for buying enough systems for them to see the worth of making a 5 million dollar game

badz1492347d ago


Used PS4 for 175 from a friend "in need"? Man...I think you're royally ripping him off. Gamestop would be proud LOL!

nveenio2347d ago

Build a $350 PC that will compete with The Order, and I'll perk my ears up.

(The benefits of a console include fixed hardware.)

SilentNegotiator2347d ago


Oh right, the PSU! I knew I was forgetting something when I was mocking this incomplete rig.

What a joke.

awi59512347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


The os arugument is silly i might buy one OS in 10 years and build like 5 PC's off the one OS i bought. I buy new consols way before i buy new OS for my PC i just reuse the one i have untill windows stop supporting it. Or a really good version of a new direct x comes out.

SilentNegotiator2347d ago


Where can I buy this copy of Windows that allows "5" legal installs?

awi59512347d ago


I have the disk and the code i paid for it so i will put it on my pc when ever i feel like rebuilding my pc. It's fair use and the fact you have to bring up legal crap is just you pulling at straws. I'm not buying a new copy of windows each time i rebuild my pc you tard lol.

GameSpawn2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

As many have called it, most of the stuff was bought used. Also, no OS was listed. Pro-PC need to accept the fact it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a new comparable PC to the PS4 (or Xbox One) for less than their respective values. Maybe in a couple more years, but by then it will be irrelevant because the consoles will have dropped in price making it all but impossible again (better luck with a $100-$200 build /s) until the next generation. It's a vicious cycle.

Processor, Video Card, and Motherboard alone are going to kill near all of your $350-400 budget, this is not including case, power supply (sometimes included with the case), drives, memory, any coolers and fans that may be needed, and lastly the OS (this ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS gets passed over on budget builds because it is always the bit NO ONE thinks about until last minute).

Yes, you could reuse an old license of Windows from an older machine, but (1) if this is a persons first attempt or their copy of Windows is too old (eg. XP or Vista) they don't have that option and (2) OEM versions of Windows (system-builder licenses) activate ONCE to the motherboard meaning if the motherboard is changed you are going to be in for a headache of a support phone call with Microsoft to reset the activation key or you are going to end up cracking (read ILLEGAL) your copy of Windows to force OEM activation.

Consoles will always have the price and ease of use edge over PCs. Yes you get make a PC that will get much higher end graphics, but you also pay more for that luxury. For console owners, the graphics they are getting for $350-$400 as well as the ease of putting the game in and knowing it will play is more than acceptable.

Dee_912347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to see that the parts were used and it didn't include OS.I was ready to shell out the money and buy it right now, and probably spend an additional $100 letting the pc place up the street put it together for me... I had it all planned out.
Well back on the hunt for a good pc in my budget.My current gaming laptop can't handle pCars and GTA v.

wsoutlaw872346d ago

This is stupid because a used ps4 doesnt cost 400$ either. This pcs equivalent with a ps4 wont be able to play the top games in 5 years, but consoles tend to look better every year. Most of all, people didn't just choose the ps4 or any console for the price, or they would pick up a 360 or play iphone games. There are a lot of reasons why i like the ps4 over pc and i only keep my pc slightly game ready for civ and total war.

SilentNegotiator2346d ago


Pulling at straws? You're stealing the OS (Yes, piracy is stealing; you're partaking of a service with a value without paying for it).

You don't see articles claiming that Ps4s are "free" because you can steal them.

awi59512346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


I paid for the product its not piracy you child. IF i take my engine out of my car and put it in another its totally legal. Software isnt special it doesnt have special protection under the law they will loose that argument in court everytime. It's mine i bought it and i can use it how i see fit and if you live in Europe its legal for you to even resale it.

GameSpawn2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


He is assuming you are also still running the OS on those older machines, which IS ILLEGAL. Each key is licensed for use on only ONE machine at any given point in time. However, as long as the other installations are erased or non-functional, then you can legally reuse your product key on another machine (as long as it is not a system-builder license like I mentioned - there are issues reactivating those since they link to the motherboard on activation).

Retail Windows product keys are the best because they have ZERO of the caveats of other licenses (such as System-Builder/OEM, KMS, trials/Dreamspark, etc.). You can reactivate a Retail Key an infinite number of times as long as there is only ONE instance of that key "active" at any given point in time. So if you have two machines using the same product key and they perform a "check-in" in a similar time window, Microsoft will flag the key as non-Genuine until one of the two "active" systems is killed (stops checking in) or another valid (non-conflicting) product key is entered.

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DevilOgreFish2347d ago

Or you can buy a ps4 and play Star Citizen and 30 other exclusives on it today, not to mention mods. to each his own.

Utalkin2me2347d ago

Really Star Citizen? Or how about LOL or Heartstone. Most console players could care less about those types of games. Im a avid PC gamer and i cant stand those type of games. But games like Uncharted and such is liked by most gamers and is open to a wider audience.

SilentNegotiator2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

That super ambitious MMO being developed by an unproven developer, in alpha with fairly clunky controls?

That game is getting a LOT of hype considering its current stage of development and brand new development team.

TheRealTedCruz2347d ago

Every platform has their exclusives.
Get off it.

DevilOgreFish2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

This thread isn't even about exclusives, it's about price and power. exclusives were brought into the picture just to deviate.

Utalkin2me2347d ago


It's about price and power huh? First of price and power mean nothing if you cant run it with a OS. Secondly i got a PS4 for 175 from second hand from a friend. So the second hand PC still looses out.

SilentNegotiator2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Ahh, another "just as strong as consoles for the same or lower price" rig? Let me guess...

No OS price included, no input devices (kb/m), a low amount of DDR3 RAM, tiny HDD...

Oh boy, I can't wait to play games on my computer that has no input to interact with the non-existant operating system, hoping that my cheap RAM is enough for all of the games I want to play in the next 5 years and that all of my games don't fill up the harddrive.

Do yourself a favor if you want to build a PC: Don't listen to elitists trying to tell you BS that you can build a cheaper rig than the consoles. They're fanboys trying to sell a story that simply isn't true. Even the idea that PC gaming is cheaper over a period of time is ignoring the facts that PSN/XBL come with features and a unified online platform which is part of why you pay for the online, console games go on sale also (and can actually be bought/sold used), etc.

PC gaming is a little more expensive and that's okay; you're not going to add good will to PC gaming by starting new users off with a completely dishonest rig that costs at LEAST $100 more than you make it out to be.

Oschino19072347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Exactly, I have yet to hear from single person that built one of these "budget do it yourself as good as a console" PCs that validated the claims and is happy with the experience.

It's as if everyone of these types of articles is nothing but theoretical gaming/computing. Nothing is ever proved, it's just e-peen waving and it's always coming up well below average size.

SilentNegotiator2347d ago

That's because turd rigs like these are shown off by people rich enough to waste $300+ making a rig that they will never use more than once (and only to say "look what I can do!").

Kivespussi2347d ago

PC gaming has higher startup cost. Even higher if you live outside of US and if you don't want to build one, which the majority (see: the mass market) doesn't want to do. PC just has cheaper games. But if you have the money, I see no reason not to get a PC.

awi59512347d ago

You can get powerful parts off ebay for dirt cheap and build a pc easy to destroy consoles. You can buy a 2 year warranty on the parts from ebay so you would be covered. I got dual R9 280x cards off ebay for 260 dollars instead of buying a console and they max any game on ultra. I dont regret it at all.

SilentNegotiator2347d ago

You can buy used consoles (and also games) and purchase an overpriced warranty for them, too. This article's premise is still BS.

awi59512344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )


A used console wont give you anywhere near the power. Even 5 year old graphics cards beat consoles now and they can be bought for under 100 dollars now. It happens every generation why dont console people learn.

I bought both consoles at launch last gen and my 130 dollar graphics card blew both of them out of the water. You can get cheap graphics cards that make consoles look like crap it happens every generation. My silly little 4870 1gb i bought destroyed both my ps3 and xbox 360 in frame rates and graphics detail by far and it was dirt cheap. Games like bad company 2 ran maxed out and at 90fps @ 1080P. Fallout 3, dragon age, it wasnt even close i played any multiplatform game on pc because it looked so much better and had great draw distances. It's the same now a cheap pc card still destroys consoles even today.

And the card that destroys console right now for cheap is the R9 270 and its only $150 dollars. Check the benchmarks consoles cant compete. This happens every generation console just lags behind and pc parts keep dropping in price.

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joab7772347d ago

If you add in the extras, and a better video card, b/c, why wouldn't you, you are looking at $500-$60₩, which by no means is a bad price for a PC that can run games well, but...

Then you will want more. You will want better. Trust me. I bought one, and you just keep spending money. You are not going to be satisfied. And PC gaming is awesome...for sure. But, I didn't buy my PS4 to be a replacement. I bought the PS4 b/c it is what it is. I don't ever add to it or spend more. My friends play there and the exclusives are huge.

Now, PC is amazing b/c it has great games and exclusives also. It has mods, steam etc. Pricing is better. But, it's an addition thing, in order to get the most out of gaming. Honestly, I buy for the games...and to try and not go broke. PC gaming g is expensive no matter what anyone tells you...if you are anything like me.

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NuggetsOfGod2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

How will u play this on ps4?

You do relizes not everyone wantd bloodbourne right?

How will i play the most ambitions game of all time? Star citizen.

While your hyped for sonys 10,000 3rd person exclusive that is basically more of what everyone just played called dark souls?

Listen man dx12 and multi gpu unified memory is coming..

Time to drop ps4 and jump into next gen.

If people were shifting from last gen consoles to pc I can't imagine how fast they will switch from 800p ps4 in few years.
Loool 2010 gpu > ps4 console apu.

Can't wait for hellblade, sf5, fable, no mans sky on pc.

With free multiplayer on a service that goes down less than psn and free backwards compatibility(pcNow).

Kivespussi2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I'm a PC guy all the way. But your comment is just full of trollish nonsense.

SilentNegotiator2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

"How will u play this on ps4?
...You do relizes not everyone wantd bloodbourne right?"

You do realize that this article is making the argument that this incomplete rig "competes" with the Ps4, right? Pointing out that it doesn't have the same games is perfectly valid criticism of this bs rig that was clearly built to suggest "you don't need a Ps4 when you can get this!"

Adrian_v012347d ago

God will this comparing ever stop? The thing is - IT DOESN'T MATTER. Everyone has their preferences. If I drive a Ford Mustang Fastback and someone buys and restores a 68' Dodge Charger for the same price it won't make me change my mind, cause I PREFER what I already have invested into.

thisismyaccount2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

The Author is either trolling or plain naïve. A $350 build with an GTX760?

On ebay the cheapest i could find still had a price tag of $110? Unless he got half of the components gifted to him, the est. $350 cost is complete bullshit.

And i have my doubts that an old 2009 quadcore has enough power for 4K. Is he saying that i5 750 has enough CPU juice to run games at 4K? There are newer cpus on the market, newer than the 750 that have troubles to maintain 30fps at 4K....

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ninjahunter2347d ago

Potato masher master race.

OrangePowerz2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

For how long will the 350$ PC keep up with the console? Console devs find constantly new and better ways to get more out of the hardware and the same can't be said about PC. Not to mention that while Shadow of Mordor looks nice, it's not exactly a benchmark in graphics.

Also a good gaming mouse and keyboard can set you back almost half of the price of the PC and a nice graphics card costs at least as much as the whole PC.

gamernova2347d ago

DX 12 promises a more to the metal experience for developers to be able to push more out of the graphics and CPU hardware thus it counters your non optimizations on PC. Not only that but drives are constantly updated for PC to be able to give the best experience out of every game in relation to all the unique hardware. Furthermore, PC isn't just for gaming. You can do a hell of alot more than you can on console but I am not going to list it all.

Vegamyster2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Actually the same can be said for PC, Mantle, technology like MFAA, DX12 and mods ect improve performance.

Unless it's a high budget exclusive you're not going to have all devs use the most out of each consoles hardware, games look/perform better than other games all the time and typically if one platform has issues the others do as well.

Believe it or not you don't need to spend a ton on M&KB to game efficiently.

GPU wise you can get a 750 Ti for under $150 and it's pretty much compatible with any tower and it's performance has been very close to what the PS4 offers, Digital Foundry & Benchmarks are proof.

ninjahunter2347d ago

The illusion that PCs lose their edge over the generation is because the industry standard slowly rises until a certain PC can no longer max out a game, then you have to lower a setting or two. But the inconvenient truth is usually that the console version was never equivalent to PC max settings to begin with and already had those 'settings' lowered.

As a proof of concept, the good old 8800gt GPU came out in 2006 to compete with the PS3 and xbox 360. To this date it will play any game available on both (lastgen)console and PC, with equivilant framerate, resolution and settings, if not better. Evidence to back this claim up can be found on youtube by searching any multiplat game of your choice, Battlefield 4 and farcry 3 good examples.

urwifeminder2347d ago

What a bargain and you don't have the order to deal with win win.

Benjammin252347d ago

You also don't have Bloodborne to deal with. Uncharted 4 to deal with. Persona 5 to deal with. Rime to deal with. Infamous to deal with. LittleBIGPlanet to deal with. Tearaway to deal with. Ratchet and Clank to deal with. Until Dawn to deal with. God Of War to deal with.
It's such a great time to be a PC only gamer. s/

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Kingdomcome2472347d ago

Enjoying yourself? Why are you here? What was the reasoning behind you joining this community? Was there ever a time that you actually wanted to discuss the topic at hand without trolling? Man...
OT: I admit that PC gaming intrigues me but I get cold feet just because it seems kind of daunting, though it probably isn't. I do know that if I do take up PC gaming as well, it won't be via this route. I'd like to build something quality that I know will be viable for some time. I'd want all of the benefits that PC gaming provides. Open hardware, Steam, mods, and graphical capabilities greater than what consoles provide, not equal to.

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