A Gamer's Guide to Publisher Lingo

GameGrin's Ryan Davies writes: "Videogame publishers, or at least the PR departments supporting them, just don’t know how to talk to gamers. So much so that over the years the videogame community (be it press, publishers or even the individual gamer) has developed its own unofficial lingo - the issue here is that nobody understands it all. Well, ever the guardians of the gaming world, we here at GameGrin have put together a handy little guide that should help you navigate the murky waters of Publisher PR talk. Yes, it does all make the publishers look rather bad, but let it be a lesson: they really need to just start telling the truth."

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thorstein2434d ago

You forgot:

Release Date is x/x/xx. Translation: We really have no idea when the developer will actually be done with the game, however we are releasing a release date anyway. When that date nears and the developer inevitably tells us that the release date is unreachable, we will claim that we are delaying the game to polish it.