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Global Weekly Video Game Sales [14 February]

Sales of the week ending on the 14th of February 2015 estimated by vgchartz:

3DS 423,122 (+345%) 51,053,04 7
PS4 170,299 (+8%) 19,404,314
XOne 88,152 (+7%) 11,464,484
WiiU 55,636 (+26%) 9,237,663
PS3 47,618 (+8%) 85,198,014
X360 28,839 (+10%) 84,579,575
PSV 27,674 (+7%) 9,950,422
Wii 3,771 (+15%) 100,958,953

1 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
864,665 - 864,665

2 Evolve (PS4)
337,430 - 337,430

3 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)
324,863 - 2,802,120

4 Evolve (XOne)
217,719 - 217,719

5 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
93,884 - 6,053,373

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Community3429d ago
Cindy-rella3429d ago

The ps4 is selling well worldwide and with the exclusives coming out over the next 4 months for the console i see it having double the worldwide sales of the Xbox one

elazz3429d ago

Yes, I think indeed that the PS4 will reach double the numbers soon as well as 50% market share. I think that will be the case once Bloodborne arrives

BattleAxe3429d ago

Except that Forza 6 and Halo 5 are out this year, so I don't think things will turn out quite like that.

mikeslemonade3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )


You're just looking at things face-value.. But the people that are a fan of those series already bought the X1 when Forza Horizon 2 came out and the Master Chief Collection came out.

No Uncharted game or Souls game came out yet for PS4.

chrismichaels043429d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued and impressive worldwide success. I can see 2015 being an even stronger year for the PlayStation brand with all of the great looking new games coming out this year.

SniperControl3429d ago


You forget the Uncharted effect as well, that alone is going to sell a hell of alot of PS4's.

PS4isKing_823429d ago

Not to mention the rumored price cut around e3 which should also see ps4 sales skyrocket with all the exclusives coming this year and already out.

Persona 5
Final fantasy X/X-2 HD
Dragon quest heroes
The order:1886
Ultra street fighter 4
Mlb the show 2015
Until dawn
Jojoba's bizarre adventure: eyes of heaven.
One piece pirate warriors 3.
J-stars victory VS.
Omega quintet
Guilty gear XRD
Akiba strip.

Too many games, not enough money :(

BattleAxe3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

@ SniperControl

I know Uncharted is going to sell alot of PS4s, but do you not think that Halo and Forza are going to sell a lot of Xbox Ones? Do you think that Tomb Raider will not help to shift a lot of Xbox Ones also?

Knushwood Butt3429d ago

The Forza series sales are in decline. Not sure why Forza 6 should sell a lot of hardware, especially since many fans of the series will already have an Xone for Forza 5.

Knushwood Butt3428d ago

Forza 3 - 5.5M
Forza 4 - 4.4M
Forza 5 - 1.9M

BattleAxe3428d ago


Forza 5 was a launch title on Xbox One, which is why it has only sold just under 2 million. There was a small install base on Xbox One at that time. Forxa 3 & 4 were Xbox 360 titles.

Knushwood Butt3428d ago

I know this, but seems sufficient to edit the comment about, 'Forza 6 shifting lots of Xbox One hardware.'.

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Foehammer3429d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I agree

Being in 3x as many Countries it should have 2x the sales and install base.

EDIT @ Fatal-Aim, your memory is a little short, allow me to refresh it:

From 1996 until 2001 PS ran free as there was no Xbox console.

From 2001 till 2005 PS2 tripled OX sales in the US.

Despite all that time and a MUCH larger US install base of previous gen consoles, that ratio has never been seen again.

@ Elazz, are you talking about the ppl in China that live without electricity and below the poverty line, lol

Once again @ fatal_aim

Way to go off on a tangent, I never said PS1 had no competition, PS1 had the opportunity to establish a fan base 5 years before any Xbox console, FACT

I said the PS2 expanded on that head start in the US by a 3:1 ratio, and then Sony lost it with the PS3 and has never duplicated the PS2 to OX ratio, FACT

You talk about a head start for 360 but fail, as always, to account for the difference in Countries. 80m+ in 40 Countries is a huge victory compared o 80m+ in 100+ Countries, FACT.

Perspective, a force to be reckoned with.

EDIT, Fatal _Aim gets one thing right ; Sony did lose fans with the PS3, and that's what really bothers him. Because MS never lost fans. They came into a well established market, they tripled sales with their 2nd gen console, and now, they're around 40% better. Most amazingly, they did it despite launching in just 13 Countries, 1/3 of what 360 launched in. The Xbox brand continues to grow, backed by a AAA rated company, and there in lies the difference and the saltiness, lol. The new comer now in its 3rd generation and continuing to expand into the 40+ Countries it sells in. Profitable every year since 2008, inclusive. Not having to sell buildings, music catalogs, PC business, shares of other companies, not having to sell off long established parts of their business bearing their name (SOE), and not having to close stores all over the world.

truegamerkt3429d ago

Why exactly Didn't M$ release in these places? It's simple they didn't want to embarrass themselves.

thanhgee3429d ago

Although the PS4 is available in more countries, the Xbox one has more potential customers since it is also available in China. So shouldn't the Xbox one have a higher install base?

itsjustexuma3429d ago

China has a lot of rules that bans a lot of games so its kinda hard to find a very good game that isnt banned from that country

Nekroo913429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Except Xbox is avaiable in China so it should have 5x the sales and install base... in your delusional mind

Fatal-Aim3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )


Lmao! So what happen to the Xbox 360? Did you use this same excuse.........even after the PS3 caught up with it and surpassed it even when the gap was 8 million in Microsoft's favor? I bet you didn't. I'm sure you just ran with the news regardless of how "many countries" the PS3 was in. Never mine the fact that Microsoft had an entire year to themselves to accumulate most of that lead and still ended up losing it all. What is your excuse for THIS?

The PS4 only had a 1 week head start over the XboxOne. How the heck has it garnered the same lead over the XB1 that it took the 360 almost two years to achieve on the PS3 even though it (360) didn't have any competition for the majority of that time?

You want to talk about "countries"? Ok. Tell me then, why is the XboxOne losing in their own dang country at which they dominated at a 2:1 ratio in TOTAL ytd sales to the PS3? So not only is the PlayStation steamrolling over this system in global sales, as the PS3 did, but now it has taken Microsoft's number one country, in which they accumulated most of their sales last gen, completely away from them this gen. If the XB1 isn't doing well in it's own country to which it heavily relied on last gen for units sold as well as no place else, then how the heck can you solely blame the PS4 lead on the amount of "countries" it has released in over the XB1?

Point is, head to head, the PlayStation is a stronger brand and now you are getting a huge dose of that reality.

elazz3429d ago

How about the billion and a half added in China. Xbox one is clearly available to more people worldwide

MasterCornholio3429d ago

I think it's more impressive that a firm with financial trouble manages to supply PS4s to all those regions. It really shows how much Sony cares about those markets in comparison to Microsoft. Microsoft has ton of money and they can easily deliver the system to those regions of they wanted to.

Fatal-Aim3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Once again @ Foehammer

In 95-2001, the PS1 launched as a new competitor in the console wars. You say it didn't have any competition,but Nintendo had launched the N64 and Sega launched the Saturn, albeit more powerful than the PS1. Yet, PS1 still trounced them both, and this is with them being a new competitor -- reaching sales that Nintendo or Sega couldn't have dreamed of at the time (100 million).

When the PS2 launched in 2001-20012, Sega launched the Dreamcast, which was Sony's competition a full year BEFORE they launched the PS2. Sony killed Sega off and made themselves room until Nintendo launched the GameCube a year later and Microsoft's original Xbox almost 2 years later. Again, Sony steamrolled over these guys with a less powerful system yet again, but also hitting numbers that only the others could have only dreamed of at the time (150 million).

When the PS3 launched in 2006 to it's current date, Sony launched almost two years later (Europe) when the 360 was already on the market clearly alone with no next gen competition what so ever. As it stands today, it has beaten out the Xbox yet again despite all of its advantages ($400 vs $600, 1 to 1 1\2 year adavantage, easier to code for). Despite its dip in sales, it was and still is the most preferred platform today.

And here we are today with the PS4.

So you see, it doesn't matter when the platform launched,how much it was, the number of countries it was in, or even how new it was as a competitor. Point is, it's brand is very strong, and you my confused little friend have clearly underestimated it by thinking the Xbox could take it head on.

think of the actors as Playstation and you looking at these people as no threat to you.......until you end up on your back wondering how you got there.

the morale of the story is, I look one way only because i choose to. it destracts you from who i really am......a force to be reckoned with.

Benjammin253429d ago

@Fatal-Aim You totally destroyed his 'argument'. Lets see how he replies to th...oh wait he can't. :)

Fatal-Aim3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )


By that same logic with the PS1, as a new competitor, establishing a fan base before Microsoft came alone, they came in as a new competitor and dethroned the leader Nintendo and knocked Sega completely to the bottom. In that same sense, Microsoft should have also came in as a new competitor and their deep pockets and, too, dethroned Sony. Instead, though, they came in as a new competitor and left looking like Rocky.

The only advantage Microsoft had was launching ahead of Sony with the 360, and despite all of the effort, they lost every bit of it as the generation went on. With the XB1, they might as well not even have had an advantage as the tables have now turned cpmpletely out of their favor for their most dominate territories. Now they are having to work extra hard to keep pace in an area to which they dominated last gen. So if you want to talk about Sony losing fans to the PS3, you should stay consistent across the board since the XB1 seems to not be looking so well in that department now while the PS4 is, and they didn'tdidn't even need a year head start to do it.

So far, Microsoft has walked away with two black eyes, and at the rate its going, its going to be a third. They had two tries and working on a thrid, and they have yet to take the number one spot/throne away from anyone. Second and last seems to be their sweet spot. Can't really say that for they other two.......and they don't even have deep pockets. Perhaps Microsoft just don't know how to play the game......or spend those deep pockets of theirs.

badz1493429d ago

give it to Foehammer to start the number of countries argument whenever he's needed. (NOT!)

I'm surprised, he's not tired yet basing his optimism on that argument even after all these times. the funny thing is, he actually thinks that Xbone is "winning" despite lagging almost 10m units behind the PS4 just because the PS4 is available in more countries. LOL

could somebody tell him that more countries doesn't always count as more sales just like more people doesn't guarantee more sales either.

the PS4 is available in more countries and winning every single one of them because it's simply more popular this time around.

the Xbone is available to more people after China (1.5b population) but doesn't translate to more sales because...I don't know!


Fatal-Aim3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


There is a reason Microsoft haven't released sales figures for the Xb1. The sales numbers are embarrassing, and you know it. The fact that they are now losing money on the system by keeping it way underpriced in order to keep from folding up in what used to be an Xbox territory has to hurt a bit, hence the grouped together shipped over sold Xb1 & 360 sales they continue to use to bloat the numbers a bit. But I don't expect you to understand that. I mean, SOMEBODY had to stay positive about this beating that's occurring, right?

Microsoft beat Sony 2:1 in NA. That ratio is no more and they will NEVER get it back this generation. The UK is the same. The only two places the console was leading last gen by a HUGE margin was completely wiped out and by the very competitor that has continued to whoop on them since they (Microsoft) first entered the condole space. But again, I don't see you talking about this. Do you know why? Because it is obviously a fact, which MS cannot take much more of right now. It only solidifies the power of the PlayStation brand. The most you have at this point is persistence. It is all you have left to stand on right now, but i don't blame you for trying. I mean, your king is taking a merciless beating in the ring, and the last step left from tossing in the towel is trying to remain as encouraging as possible in order to keep from tearing up. Everything they try seems to never be enough to get them back where they used to be last gen, and I'm sure that can be very frustrating for people like you. As it stands today, they aren't leading ANYWHERE on the globe right now, and even if they started to, it won't get them not even close to what they were last gen, let alone closing the gap that the PS4 has already made for them. That gap will only widen from here on out.

Keep hope alive though. o/

emilijo7773428d ago

"Way to go off on a tangent, I never said PS1 had no competition, PS1 had the opportunity to establish a fan base 5 years before any Xbox console, FACT "

and nintendo had the opportunity to establish a fan base 10 years before any playstation console still this gen is selling the worst

"I said the PS2 expanded on that head start in the US by a 3:1 ratio, and then Sony lost it with the PS3 and has never duplicated the PS2 to OX ratio, FACT "

you mean just like x360 outsold PS3 in US by 16 million and now is losing in US by PS4

"You talk about a head start for 360 but fail, as always, to account for the difference in Countries. 80m+ in 40 Countries is a huge victory compared o 80m+ in 100+ Countries, FACT."

and you fail to account cheaper price whole gen and RROD

JMyers3428d ago

The countries argument is BS. Why? The 360 launched a year earlier than the PS3, plus it was cheaper and in more countries first. The PS3 still took the worldwide lead at the end of the cycle. Why? The Xbox is only relevant in 2 market, NA and the UK. In both of these markets the PS4 is still leading.

Even if sales become 1:1 in NA and the UK the Xbox is no where in Europe or anywhere else. Even the supposed China that's meant to help the gap worldwide. A market that is very large and yet untapped by Sony. MS ended up behind Sony last gen and will be this gen too. These are the things that were meant to help the XB1:

No need for always online, Kinect and can now play used games - the 180s
Multiple "temporary" price drops.
The Power of the Cloud - like 3 XB1s
Buying TF and third parties.

Now it's TR and DX12... See a pattern here?

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Magicite3429d ago

Although Im biased towards Playstation brand, I dont see how can PS4 double X1 anymore, difference is just too big now.

JMyers3428d ago

It's only a million to double XB1 sales. The gap isn't getting smaller each month, it's actually growing. MS only managed holiday victories in 2 months in NA and UK. Rest of the world still buys PS4s