Does The Success Of The Order: 1886 Show That Sony Has The Most Loyal Fans

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that asks if Sony and the PS4 have the most loyal fans in the industry after rocketing The Order:1886 up the sales charts around the world despite mixed reviews for the game. The article also looks at what the future will hold for Sony.


Video and images added showing the author playing the game at PAX Prime and C.E.S.

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GribbleGrunger2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Perhaps it's because it's a good game? This industry is the weirdest industry I've ever seen. Instead of acknowledging something that's blatantly obvious (people like this game), we have to suffer article after article trying to find any other reason but the obvious for a game's success.

We get that they were wrong, and we get that it's difficult to simply say 'we were wrong' but I would respect those that comment on this industry more if they just admitted it instead of coming at it from every angle but the obvious one.

The Order isn't something that everyone should enjoy -- what game is -- but enough people have commented positively and enough people have questioned the reviews, to make the simple 'loyalty' argument redundant. It is now obvious, as it was with Driveclub: People don't agree with the reviews. Simple.

We had this all last year when the 'PS4 has no games' narrative was being hammered out on a daily basis. And then we had many articles and many posts on many forums asking: 'but I don't understand it. Why are people buying the PS4? It has no games.' We all know the obvious answer because it was proven over and over again, BUT still the 'mystery' eluded those that couldn't shake the inaccuracy of a misinformed narrative.

People bought The Order because it's a good game.

Garethvk2263d ago

Here is the thing though, if people like the game so much why is their so much online passion about the issues with the game? Why does it only have a 6.6 Meta score from fans?

People like it in many ways due to the fact that while yes it may be a good game to them for what it is, they are also so hungry for a new franchise and exclusive from Sony that they will support the game to the point of overlooking the various issues with the game which have been widely chronicled.

This is not the marks of a game that is beloved and one that fans are embracing with open arms.

If Halo 5 or any of the pending Xbox One exclusives released with this kid of result we would not see people touting them as great games that are critic proof, we would see people pointing to Microsoft with Doom and Gloom. Sony has very loyal fans, myself of one them, as such I think they are willing to be more accepting and overlook things that others would not be as quick to do so when it comes to exclusives.

GribbleGrunger2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

You see, you are making the same mistake here that the press and reviewers made prior to its release. Many people don't care whether a game has QTEs (strike that from the 'issues'), Many people don't care about borders (strike that from the 'issues'), Many people don't care that it's a linear, story driven game (strike that from the 'issues'), Many people don't care that it's the same length as many other games from this genre (strike that from the 'issues')

The 'issues' you speak of were perpetuated and promoted prior to release so of course those 'issues' are going to be discussed a hell of a lot by people who don't agree that they're actually 'issues'. Are you seriously suggesting that if a Sony fan disagrees with those issues then it proves they're being defensive and so therefore it proves brand loyalty? Were they to just sit back and keep their own council even though they disagreed?

They bought the game because they listened to 'gamers' and not reviewers, and the more that bought it, the more Sony fans questioned the reviews. It's NOT brand loyalty, it's just that the so called 'issues' are NOT 'issues' at all, but accepted and widely used mechanics found in many games. It's the fact the press singled out The Order to voice these so called 'concerns' that has vexed many Sony fans, and rightly so.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

People are watching streams on the PS4 and they are seeing for themselves that people are finishing the game in more than 5 hours, they're seeing that it's not a QTE fest, they're seeing the story has depth and everyone I have watched play it are anticipating a sequel. Sure the game has flaws, but the things being called issues by reviewers don't seem to be issues with people who are actually playing the game. The borders aren't an issue, the QTE's aren't an issue, even the gameplay isn't an issue. What seems to actually be issues are:

Chapters not containing any gameplay: Meaning there were a few chapters that were nothing but complete cutscenes with no gameplay. I agree.

Another issue was that the story felt incomplete. I agree.

Issues that weren't mentioned that I noticed:
The combat sequences with werewolves and problems with enemy AI during the stealth scene in the courtyard.

*Yes I have played the game with a PHYSICAL DISC ordered from Amazon*

Overall, I enjoyed the experience even though IMO I found it to be too short, however, almost every streamer i've asked said that they enjoyed the game, but they seem to differ on whether or not they believe the game is worth the price.

Word of mouth is the reason for TO 1886's success, not brand loyalty. Reviewers simply need to understand that they do not speak for the vast majority of people who play video games, IMO, most gamers don't even pay attention to reviews because there is no way to know if the reviews, whether good or bad, have been bought and paid for or the reviews have been written by people who have biases and ulterior motives. It's as simple as that.

TheJacksonRGN2263d ago

You can't seriously think that the people who complain online about any game, or take the time to score it on metacritic, represent the majority of us. They don't end of story.

thorstein2263d ago

"If Halo 5 or any of the pending Xbox One exclusives released with this kid of result we would not see people touting them as great games that are critic proof, we would see people pointing to Microsoft with Doom and Gloom. "

As an avowed Sony fan, no I won't. Not anymore. Sure, I used to engage in the occasional fanboy war, but not when it comes to this. Not anymore. I am done with it. It isn't about fans anymore. These guys are hacks and, as we see in the top stories today, they are exposed. I am done with them.

I am not done with N4G as this site needs to continue to be News 4 Gamers. I will continue to report clickbait and approve great articles.

uth112263d ago

Why was there so much passion against the game even before release? If it's a mediocre game, why get worked up about it? Skip it and play something else like you would with most games. Why is the Order different.

Easy- it's one of the best, if not THE best looking games ever released. It's a perceived threat to some Xbox and PC gamers for that reason, so they felt they needed to throw everything at the game until they found something that sticks.. which they did for months prior to release.

GiggMan2263d ago

I don't know for a fact but I can almost guarantee that the user scores you're talking about are probably by people who haven't even played the game.

Hell, I'd bet that some are from people that don't even own the console.

joeorc2263d ago

Take a look now user reviews now put the game @6.8 out of over now 1700 + reviews in 8 days. And its 65 for pro reviews

sin72792263d ago

why does it only have a 6.6 meta score from fans??? ha ha ha, not from fan, from trolls and haters!

2263d ago
The_Con-Sept2263d ago

Does this article prove a bias against Sony exists soley because the author is an xbot?

Seriously this article should not have been submitted.

This only gives ammunition to fanboys to use in the next release of any new console exclusive.

Thanks fanboy article writer. You keep the console wars alive.

ratchet4262263d ago

The 6.6 MC score from fans is, frankly, skewed by the dozens of "poison" zero scores from irate fanboys. Seriously...a ZERO? People are giving this game a ZERO? As in, it is completely broken, unplayable, and has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever? I'm sorry, that's just bulls**t.

Someone really doesn't like the game and gives it a 4? Ok, a 4 is really hash but hey, at least it is within reason. The zero's are just flung out there with no objective thought behind them and unfortunately they have dragged down what should realistically be about a 7.5 user score (based purely on my own objective opinion, by the way)

Just look at the ratio of positive, mixed, and negative reviews on the critic's side, vs. those same ratios for the user's side. The majority of critic scores are mixed, with positive a close second and negative fairly low. On the users side however, it is very polarized: majority are positive, about a 3rd are negative, and there's almost no mixed reviews. This tells me that the haters piled on the negative reviews with zeros and ones and arent' giving the game a fair assessment (even if it is a negative assessment, at least be fair about it)

nix2263d ago

most of the PS fans are from PS1 PS2 generations. there's a lot where they came from. they love games with stories. they don't have time for long winding open games. they just want to come home play for an hour or two because they have to take care of their family. more importantly they can make their own decision.

PS4's stream section has made people more aware of games out there. it's easier to check the games instantly holding the controller which is a great feature any day any point of time. it helps make people judge the game. if you watch a game being played for like 30 minutes, you sort of get what the game is going to be like. and PS4 also has "pass the controller" option where one can just try the game by himself if someone in his friend's list has a game.

i think Sony has thought it through this time to let gamers try everything first hand so that they don't get swayed just by the critics or herds.

having said that i'm enjoying The Order. i haven't finished it even though i bought it last weekend. i've been very busy with work.

T2X2263d ago

Basically, This game, like some others is a mix of A) alternate history with fantasy/steampunk adult thematic setting. B) Hybrid third person/cover shooter C) Cinematic like heavy Rain-ish etc, type game with heavy dialog and some firefights with a smattering of QTEs thrown in. With a mixture like this, a lot of people may have all come to the game with differing expectations. In the end, if you're not afan of the above things I mentioned, or if you like some of those things, yet dislike some, you will end up with many differing opinions. The end.

Spa4tan2263d ago

Maybe the 6.6 metascore from 'fans' is actually from bogus accounts

TheLastColossus2263d ago

Most of them are not fans you know.

MysticStrummer2263d ago

"Why does it only have a 6.6 Meta score from fans?"

Anyone who can ask this question honestly makes me shake my head. Have you never read through some of those user reviews? It's comical how many cut and paste comments there are.

GMR_PR2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

The Metacritic score reflects pretty well what the game is, a solid 65. Scores below 60 or above 70 are wrong, this game is a good average game nothing less, nothing more.

kenshiro1002263d ago

I watched a little playthrough of this game and to me, it's perhaps the most stunning game I have ever seen. I didn't see QTE's that were like ever five minutes or whatever. The game reminded me of Heavy Rain, which was one of my favorite PS3 games.

Gamers need to judge things for themselves and stop placing blind faith in reviews. Too many solid games have been shafted by the media and yet they have no problems giving the same overdone COD a 9 or 10.

skwidd2263d ago

What a troll headline that suggests the game is bad. I'm not falling for that. The game is great and that's why I bought and played it. Get a life, author!

TitanUp2263d ago

cinematic, linear, story games are my favorite type of games no matter what platform or console the game released on I would play it.

WelkinCole2263d ago


Its not just them.

I honestly do think that reviewers are super scared of Sony with shareplay.

Seeing gamers still buy this game despite their reviewers must be really scaring the whole lot of them. Basically it makes them more irrelevant than they already are.

Seeing streaming and gamers enjoying this game still must be a dagger in their heart.

If I were them I would be just super honest and objective about why it is a good or bad game in their opinion. Gamers are not stupid and can look through the horseshit when they see it.

steven83r2263d ago

Don't even bother with Meta scores from "fans" you don't even have to prove you own the game to rate it. It could be a massive influx of haters rating it. That would bring down any score.

TheLEGENDofTydo2262d ago

The best games gets the lowest scores. Just look at Call of Duty user scores

SilentNegotiator2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I remember another game that had a low score from "fans"....

Big_Game_Hunters2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Just let it be man, Some people like cliche B Tier story, boring gameplay,cinematic games. Nothing we can do about that.

@ silent, based on 376 reviews.... from some random site
here you and your questionable links.

Gaming1012262d ago

Dude, reviewers lie and give purposefully bad reviews, fishing for fanboy hits, and it works every single time, so it continues.
You don't have to take my word for it...

Pintheshadows2262d ago

Are people seriously quoting Metacritic user reviews? Seriously? What is life?

Is this even real or did I imagine it. I saw someone the other day using Metacritic as some kind of gospel. It. Doesn't. Matter. We as a community need to realise that as do publishers who stupidly stipulate bonuses using it.

styferion2262d ago

That's because the majority of gamers don't go to game discussion forums, they mostly browse for guides and walkthroughs. Even from those who did, the ones who bash the game never intend to buy it in the first place anyway.

Also there's this thing called youtube and streaming so that people can see for themselves if the game is suited to their taste or not.

jebabcock2262d ago

This only show's the lack of trust in reviews with good reason... A completely broken MCC got great reviews... while at the same time a broken drive Club gets run completely through the mud. To me that is just sloppy. The word reliable becomes a joke. I don't think the media is necessarily slanted towards either side I really think it depends on the day and what can make the most money. Game reviewers are like rabid dogs. They pounce of the first thing in sight and lose sight completely of the big picture.

Whethe or not the order is a good game or not... the real indicator is that people aren't trusting the reviewers. That should be a wakeup call.. but likely won't be... Money and click bait is too tempting to pass up.

SilentNegotiator2262d ago


The key word is "had". And even now it's at 76 (The order is at 68); the point being that the score is far from being based on what the overall "fan" opinion is.

freshslicepizza2262d ago

the feedback that interests me the most are the ones that you don't predict. those are the ones who were not looking forward to this game or said it didn't look that great and ended up liking it. or those who were really speaking positive about it and ended up not liking the game.

when i read the opening comment i already knew it was going to be defending the title because of who it was coming from. people have a history and we take that history into consideration. the gaming press have been a mix bag on this game which tells me the game is neither terrible nor awesome and you have to approach the game for what it is. what was predictable was there was going to be some bad scores because of the early feedback from the demo. lots of people called that into question because it was simply a demo yet here we are and those same issues still persist from many well know reviewers.

so ask yourself this, who do we believe more? those who have a history of being a sony fan and who go to great lengths defending the systems promoting the company, defending them often? or do we believe review sites who are paid to review all games and have scored games low and high across all platforms?

if you really wanted to look into some conspiracy theory look at the history when it comes to games like ryse that reflect the community at large whom get involved with console wars. that game also scored very low and was marketed mainly on its graphics. now all of the sudden review sites are picking on the ps4 because they didn't love driveclub and now this game? now that's funny.

MaxedOutGamer2262d ago

Meta-critic is the worst place to look for scores imo, it is common knowledge that any game that has this much controversy surrounding it, especially being a platform exclusive, tends to bring out the negative reviewers, more-so than the positive. Haters of the game would intentionally go to metacritic to bash it. While people who love the game, don't necessarily feel compelled to post a review, they're probably enjoying the game instead.

UKmilitia2262d ago

i loved the game,setting and story.

the game took me 10ish hours and im happy with that.
i bought it for £30-35 i forgot to the pound and i sold it on for what i paid,but even if i had only got £15 of my money back i would of still loved the game,it was great fun.
I dont listen to reviews,i watch twitch and make my own mind up.

a game doesnt need online,it doesnt need perks and upgrades and some of the best games i have played are linear.

rxl2092262d ago

heres what a user review (2/10) said about the best looking game to ever be on a console "I'll give it credit for being occasionally pretty"
thats why it has a low user score, theres score that are 0/10.....0? what did they ship him, an empty box?

Lord_Sloth2262d ago

Metascores are nothing more than troll wars anymore. Best not to pay attention to them. The only thing The Order's success proves is that none of us give a damn what critics think.

extermin8or2262d ago

I can answer that, the people unhappy with something are often the minority yet they re also often the Vocal minority. I'm yet to play the order haven't had the time with degree coursework and can't really afford it atm. When I can play it I know i'll enjoy it however I doubt it'll be the best game I've ever played. But the again I quite liked AC:Unity, I never encountered all the bugs everyone else did and didn't think it's gameplay anywear near as iffy as reviews made out

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maniacmayhem2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I disagree with your whole assessment completely.

There has been more of a majority vote from a lot more gamers and critics that this game is not very good. I don't understand this fierce, new found hatred for review scores all of a sudden, there seems to be this outcry only when sony games are being persecuted.

What these sales do prove is that PlayStation has a loyal fanbase and PS gamers are willing to buy a game just on looks alone. Or that fans were so hungry for a new game on their new system that they were willing to buy The Order just because.

And are you really going to defend Driveclub too?

How can we trust gamers like you who are obviously a Sony fan. This is exactly what this article is referring to, the loyal fanbase who will defend and buy anything Sony puts out no matter what.

I've never seen a fanbase that tries and make up so many conspiracies theories trying to paint themselves and Sony as the underdog, trying to battle through waves and waves of adversity and huge hurdles.

You say you want the industry to admit their wrong, that they make up angles to try and justify their own opinion, but that is exactly what you and others have been doing this whole for The Order:

Reviewers are biased.

Other games get a free pass

This article is clickbait ot looking for hits

I like this game so you're wrong

The list goes on and on making every excuse for why this game did not burn up the critics chart or receive high scores. You guys were making excuses as early as the demo.

And I like how now a lot of people on this site are adopting the mantra of Sales=Good Game. Not so long ago this was frowned on for particular games like CoD.

But once again the goal post has been moved.

People bought The Order because it was a new game for the PS4. Whether they think it's good or not is their opinion. I personally rented it from Gamefly and finished it in two days after work. Nothing besides the graphics was memorable about the game.

thief2263d ago

The majority of reviews on amazon are positive.
If you exclude the reviews on metacrituc by "gamers" who clearly own neither the game or a ps4, the same holds true there too

Aloy-Boyfriend2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I didn't buy The Order because I'm thirsty for games. I bought it because the game looked very interesting to me. no regrets! I think the game is good. You people should shut up already about the imaginary ''Lack of Games'' on PS4 because we don't just buy exclusives. I have over 20 games on PS4 already + The Order, and Bloodborne is around the corner.

I am a loyal PlayStation fan because that's the console I like and that's where the exclusives I like are. Also, that's where my friends are. Trolls should Stop trying to make us look like fools for having a PS4.

''What these sales do prove is that PlayStation has a loyal fanbase and PS gamers are willing to buy a game just on looks alone. '' LOl What a bunch of crap!! is this why Ryse sold over a million as well? Who are you to question people's decisions and judge? We all have reasons to buy or not buy a game. Don't call out people who enjoy something you don't

You have to also understand that the Internet and the outside are different worlds. Stop generalizing a whole community because of what you see on N4G.

''There has been more of a majority vote from a lot more gamers and critics that this game is not very good.'' Is that so?

There's been more of a majority vote from a lot of gamers and critics that The Last of Us is a masterpiece. please tell how on earth why some people say it's not a masterpiece and that the game is not that good according to your logic?

DigitalRaptor2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"There has been more of a majority vote from a lot more gamers and critics that this game is not very good."

And there went all the credibility.

Have you analysed the majority? Or have you simply looked at all the bad reviews, the "concern" articles we are still getting, and completely overlooked the good ones, and all the positive impressions from people across gaming forums that aren't focused on the double standards and doom and gloom?

The roots of the negativity surrounding this game are all drenched in double standards, that I could write about for lord knows how long. The gaming media needs something to write about. They need something to generate more users to their site. They need something to promote discussion to control the volume and direction of traffic. They desire controversy and will forego quality standards and consistency in order to push a narrative. The Order was an easy target - it's that simple. The gaming media is more flawed than this game ever was going to be.

And yes - outside the circle of the console wars (something the "professional" gaming media feels much obliged to indulge in and exploit), DriveClub is actually a pretty damn good game. So yep, I'd say DriveClub's popularity and its real-world consensus speaks heavily against critics.

Just so we're clear on this, lay low on the conspiracy theory crap. We don't need to even go there. The double standards speak for themselves.

remixx1162263d ago

I don't know about the Order, but I will defend drive club as it is a great game, also did you not read the article about how reviewers will rate games lower for clicks it was pretty trendy yesterday.

Does Sony put out trash, hell yes, I think knack is pretty bad and I will not defend it but its not always goal post moving, sometimes its just a difference in opinion and other times it is blind loyalty or flat out bias.

I have been told the game is great by friends who have just bought it and I will try it myself when the price drops.

Also the outcry against review scores started cropping up whe n reviews started to get kinda iffy, like why the hell were games like cod ghosts, BF4, assassins creed unity, and evolve getting such great scores hmmmmmm, face it the review system has become trash and only a select few are actually credible.

GearsOfWar2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

DigitalRaptor + 461d ago
"We've got people up in here saying that Ryse is a good game with things like "everyone that has bought it is loving it". SMH.

You don't see PS fans saying Knack is an amazing game do you? These fans are doing everything they can to make an awful game seem amazing. And you can't even get away with saying Ryse is a fun game, because with shallow, clunky gameplay like that.. yeah...

I could go ahead with games like Forza 5, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 and how reviewers have overlooked severe issues, but i'll leave it at Ryse and people trying to justify that mess."


avengers19782263d ago

I feel bad for you. You can't just enjoy games for what they are.
It's obvious to everyone that you don't own the order 1886 , you never played it for yourself. It's a pretty damn good game, interesting era of time, nice tech twist, bad ass werewolves, good story, solid game play.

I'm looking forward to a sequel with a good story, maybe add co-op, or multiplayer
And The Order 1887... Will also be a good exclusive game for Sony.... I think that's most people's problem with The Order1886, it's yet another good Sony exclusive, and another new IP.

maniacmayhem2263d ago


"Stop generalizing a whole community because of what you see on N4G."

How am I generalizing? When in fact most of you have been doing the same throughout this whole ordeal. Media is biased, clickbait articles, these gamers haven't played the game, etc., etc. Seriously, Gribble just made a few points that were nothing but generalizing. But yet you point this finger at me?

"There's been more of a majority vote from a lot of gamers and critics that The Last of Us is a masterpiece. please tell how on earth why some people say it's not a masterpiece and that the game is not that good according to your logic?"

That makes no sense. What answer are you expecting. The majority of critics found that TLoU is a great game, I'm not debating that.

But I will tell you this, I didn't think TLoU was a masterpiece but did you see me posting comments like clickbait, reviews are biased or "___" games gets a pass in every article that gave it a 9 or 10?

No, and did we see you and others calling for the heads of reviews and wanting the end of meta scores when your favorite PS game was getting great


"Just so we're clear on this, lay low on the conspiracy theory crap. We don't need to even go there. The double standards speak for themselves."


Amazing, you seriously proved what I was speaking on. And instead of actually talking about The Order we always have to discuss the "double standards" of the gaming media.

Like I said earlier in a comment, most like to talk about everything else but The Order. I like how double standards only apply to a Sony game that is not getting high reviews.

And I didn't see your double standards comment applied to Ryse as GearsofWar linked in his comment. I mean if BF4 and Cod was rated so highly, why not Ryse?

"The gaming media needs something to write about. They need something to generate more users to their site."

Couldn't they have equally written a great review for The Order as they did for TLoU, Uncharted, Journey and other Sony games that were considered great games and rated high?

Where they NOT looking for hits when they decided to give those games great reviews. I mean seriously, listen to your reasoning.

Maybe The Order isn't as great of a game as you are defending it to be. There's no double standard, the game just isn't very good.

@avengers1978 and thief

Classic, if someone doesn't like The Order it automatically means they never played it. This may be true in some instances but that doesn't excuse a lot of other critics who rated it just as low.

Bad @ss werewolves? Have you played the game? Seriously there are only two scenes where you encounter and fight werewolves, they run from some corner, you roll away, shoot, stab. That's it.

And the two werewolf bosses you play the exact same way. What exactly was so bad @ss about them?

Subaruwrx2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"I've never seen a fanbase that tries and make up so many conspiracies theories trying to paint themselves and Sony as the underdog, trying to battle through waves and waves of adversity and huge hurdles." I disagree, the MS, Nintendo and PC fan bases do the same things. Fans will do pretty much anything to defend what they love and criticize what they hate. Kind of like supporting a sports franchise - you're going to love your team no matter what their success or failure rate is. Singling out the Sony fan base leads me to believe that you're a fan of a competing platform because that's the kind of thing a fan would do.

MysticStrummer2263d ago

I bought The Order because I was thirsty for games? That's news to me, since I bought Shadow of Mordor, Don't Starve, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on the same day I bought The Order. I played The Order first because it was on disc and the others were downloading, but I didn't start the others until days later when I was done with my first play through of The Order. That's how much I enjoyed the game. I personally found the characters and story to be quite memorable, the shooting and stealth gameplay to be solid, and the presentation to be top notch. That's my honest opinion. Sorry it doesn't correspond with yours.

I'll defend Driveclub. It's a great racing game, and I was having lots of fun with it even when I couldn't race online. I had plenty of offline content to play, the game was/is fun, and it looks/sounds amazing. Now I can race online, so… bonus!

You say people were making excuses since the demo, but the game was being attacked from the time it was revealed.

You know as well as anyone here that some games do get a free pass. You've been here long enough to know that very well.

Your goalpost comment is a laugh, since moving goalposts have been a XB fanboy staple since last generation. It's all about exclusives, no wait it's all about multi plats, no wait it's exclusives again. Sales matter, no wait sales don't matter, no wait XB1 won the holidays so sales matter again. Indies are good, no wait indies are bad. The fun never stops! Spin the opinion wheel and win a prize! Step right up!

Sales don't equal a good game, but sales of this game do prove that reviews and previews don't have the power they once did. As someone who has ignored reviews since the PS1 days, I say that's a very good thing.

Themba762263d ago

really because I had the game for 5 days and im only on chapter 5 of course im playing on hard btw the game has the best graphics of any videogame on any platform to date just amazing.

Garethvk2263d ago

Why is anything you do not agree with clickbate? It seems to me have sparked a discussion backed by valid points. The game was met with mixed reviews and despite this it has sold well to date. How is that click bate that is stating fact? So the question is if the reviews have been mixed, i.e. it is not considered great game by all, then to what is the success of the game attributed to?
Clickbate would be to say Sony fans are idiots who will follow anything blindly or saying Sony fans have no requirement for quality. Learn the difference.

Saijahn2262d ago

bubz up for you maniac, look at them disagrees. God forbid Bloodborne gets average scores or worse, N4G might implode. I still haven't picked up The Order but when the price is right I will. I want to check out the world [email protected] has began to develop, but asking full price for a short experience isn't worth it to me.

So while this initial game may not be the crown jewel of gaming, it sets up a future masterpiece if the gameplay can match the visuals.

This game proved to me that Sony fanboys who still argue over resolution and fps care more about graphics in a game than anything else.

Those are the one's crying conspiracy with this game. Legit sony gamers are enjoying the game or not and not making excuses for its shortcomings.

freshslicepizza2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


perfectly said, major props go to you sir. the loyal sony fanbase has shown time and again and again and again they will go that extra mile to speak out. i do admit games that get a score of the 1/5 ballpark should be saved for unplayable games and that critics have used the order 1886 as an example to pick on.

reviews are only opinion based that some may find helpful, if you enjoy the game that's fine. but i knew this game was going to sell well regardless and my belief was because of marketing and the lack of aaa exclusives (that goes for all the consoles not just the ps4). you have 20 million ps4 owners looking for something unique to their system and the order 1886 looks amazing visually and we are guilty of being easily impressed when it comes to graphics.

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3-4-52263d ago

They know the reason.

They just act like they don't so they can post a Question article about nothing and get hits.

Magicite2263d ago

Also - lack of big AAA exclusives + large install base + best console visuals to date = profit.

StarLord_Who2263d ago

No, not a good game. Not really a game in a sense of the word - it's more of an "anti-game" sort of game.

Hardly any gameplay (what about Telltale?!?!? Telltale don't try and lie about it)

The story unfolds into an octopus of possible endings and the ending that comes to fruition is the least important of those endings just so they could have an excuse to leave it at a cliffhanger for a sequel.

Sony has the most fans therefore the most loyal because the quantity of loyal gamers is significantly higher on their end. The most loyal fans buy The Order 1886 day one, i did but the normal loyal fans are disappointed with The Order, the abnormal force themselves into liking the game because they think they have to know.....60 dollars was spent.

badz1492262d ago

"The most loyal fans buy The Order 1886 day one, i did but the normal loyal fans are disappointed with The Order, the abnormal force themselves into liking the game because they think they have to know.....60 dollars was spent."'re saying, anyone who likes the game is abnormal?...and they have to "pretend" to like it because $60 was spent?...just because you say so, it must be true? WOW!

so, you're stupid! it must be true, because I said it! see how that works? and see if you agree.

RAD totally delivered EXACTLY what they had PROMISED with The Order 1886 since day 1 but somehow you are convinced that they lied! seriously, just give me 1 link where Sony or RAD lied about what they are going to deliver with The Order 1886.

iceman062262d ago

Or....and just a thought here...EVERYBODY doesn't share YOUR opinion of the game.(which tends to happen with personal opinion and such) All of the hyperbole in your statement of "hardly any gameplay" does nothing by solidify the fact that you aren't presenting an unbiased opinion. There was no lie from [email protected] From day one they have said that they were crafting a story-rich, cinematic, linear game featuring TPS mechanics. The "lies" (or better the perception of being lied to) came from expectations that you heaped on the game on your own.
This isn't a case of fan loyalty so much as it is a case of mistrust of previews/reviews and probably a genuine want to experience a game world that was extremely intriguing from day one.

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didnt read the article because the title is ridiculous.

It suggest all the people buying the game are SONY fans????
not even Playstation fans, of course not, a lot of people buy games without being fan of a gaming platform in particular... but fan of a COMPANY???


Its kind of exposing the internet somehow believe they reflect gamers in real life with all their BS fanboy wars etc etc.. not at all

Tankbusta402263d ago

Most people who bought the order pre-ordered the game and had zero idea if it was going to be good or not

solar2263d ago

no, it doesnt show loyalty. it has to do with games released per console. especially in the infant stage of said console. gamers want games, and The Order was released when not many games are being released.

if you had to pick between 3 games released in a certain month, or 50, statistics show that a game is going to show strong sales.

kwandar2262d ago

Not sure why you have the disagrees. It is widely acknowledged that the PS4 is short on content.

Of course Sony users will throw their cash at a mediocre game when nothing else is available. If GTA, Far Cry, Bloodborne or another title had been up, the sales would have been FAR worse.

captainexplosion2263d ago

People that had never played The Order purchased The Order because it's a good game? How does that work?

MysticStrummer2263d ago

In my case it was watching streams from people who got the game early that got me to buy the game. Some people didn't like it and said so, but more people obviously did like it. I bought it, played it, and liked it.

ABizzel12263d ago

No, because the Vita would be a raving success just like the PS4.

What it does prove is that Play Share has greatly reduced the need for game reviewers, because all PS4 gamers can simply share 1 hour of their game with a friend, and determine if a game is worth it or not from their own experience.

I enjoyed The Order, but it's not a $60 game for me, but I'll definitely pick it up later.

Mankey2263d ago

I'm inclined to agree. This speaks more to 1, how gamers often don't agree with the critical assessment that the press provides. (see also Alien: Isolation, which was crapped on, or Evolve which received unwarranted amounts of praise)

But really this speaks to the quality of the title, which was unfairly attacked by by the press.

d0x3602263d ago

Topping UK sales charts doesn't mean success. drive club did the same and it wasn't a success.

Before people start writing clickbait articles maybe they should see what the worldwide sales are...if they were good Sony would have released them by now. They haven't. Anytime a game sells well the numbers for day 1 are out before the week is up.

Visiblemarc2263d ago

I totally agree. The game *is* good. End of story.

Of course not everyone will like it. Doesn't change the fact that it is a quality product and well worth buying.

The review industry has lost almost all of it's value at this point. Reviewers almost always score things relative to expectations outside the own. Also they are all desperate for Twitter followers and attention from strangers.

NuggetsOfGod2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

For $60? Lol hope sony takes this as a sign for shorter games and less content and more non genre defining games.

Even drive club sold over a million then the game was fixed.

Yes sony has the most loyal fans.
Every exclusive is called a master piece and goty.

Abdou0232263d ago

People criticizing this game and saying it's not worth 60$, are the same people hating on Apple products and saying it's over-priced.

ABizzel12262d ago

Well as to the later part of your comment, they generally are when you look at things from a technological standpoint.

And value is determined by the individual user, so just because you and I think something's worth $60, doesn't mean the next 2 people do. But when you can prove the technology in a device is worth the asking price, while the lesser technological item is priced the same then it's over-priced for what you're getting without debate.

It doesn't make it bad, and the sooner you understand that, the quicker you can move on from pointless comments like that.