HD DVD Movie Add On Drive Review

For years now, movie addicts all over the world have been enjoying the DVD format. Although it wasn't the first digital video format for the home enthusiast (Video CD etc), it was the first to really replace the horrid VHS tape. Now particularly here in the United Kingdom we are entering the High Definition arena, a new movie format to store HD movies is required. There is a problem though as unlike DVD which had no competition, the next generation format that will succeed DVD gives the consumer two options.

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willymcd5904d ago

i have a $71 coupon at compusa and they are chronically out of this thing, so is pretty much every place, why is this thing hard to get a hold of?

calderra5904d ago

Why is a brand new, high-end electronic device hard to obtain at Christmas?


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crystallakekiller5904d ago

i have one and its really great!its hard to go back to dvd's after that!the hd-dvd picture and sound quality is really unbelievable..,and i heard that its possible to plug it in your pc' you'll have a hd-dvd player for 200$ what a steal!!

Islandkiwi5904d ago

Does it up-convert regular dvd's?

crystallakekiller5904d ago

you can play your regular dvd's in it and it upscale them

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power of Green 5904d ago (Edited 5904d ago )

You have to puchase the PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies Muaw hahahahahahaha. $200 vs $600, Tv vs TV & PC.

MicroGamer5904d ago

aren't you paying attention?? The 360 HD-DVD player can also be used with a PC, which most people have already.

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BIadestarX5904d ago

I can't take this anymore!
I want one of these HD-DVD players! and I want it now! After listening to all the reviews I went from not being interested to dying to get one.

@PS3 for 599, Sony should had made the blu-ray player swapable, so people can replace it with hd-dvd. blu-ray who? what? no one wants that piece of sh**!

bambam19015904d ago

Why would anyone want movies from Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, MGM, Columbia, or Tri-Star? Especially at 1080p over HDMI! WOW! Thanks Sony.

richie007bond5904d ago

I live in the UK and the hd dvd drive was released here on the 1st dec, and guys these drive are flying of the shelves i cant seem to find one of these babys anywere,ive tryed all the major stores in the UK and there all sold out,every dam store i go to SORRY BUT WERE ALL SOLD OUT.Man it would be easyer to find a dam dodo,a few stores say there getting in new shipsment in the next few days so ill have to be quick,i dont think microsoft realised how much demand there would be,so bill get thoses production lines going full tilt I WANT ONE NOW

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