And Megaman 9 For All

Previously announced on WiiWare, seems like Megaman 9 is also coming on Xbox Live and Playstation Store, according to this image from Capcom.

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Minimee3754d ago

Now, which will be the best version ? That is the question....

Voiceofreason3753d ago

It's an 8 bit game. It will look the same on all of them. I would say the real question is which console owners will appreciate it more. With the amount of crying from 360/PS3 fans about graphics these days I dont see them flocking to an 8 bit Nintendo game

Product3754d ago

Better question which console will sell more downloads?

PS360WII3753d ago

There problem solved. Now everyone can now say they are looking forward to the game rather then bash it.

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

Did Capcom not say they made a mistake?

cooke153753d ago

where is this on capcoms website?

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

its in a video trailer....
But what is wrong with capcom, yes no yes no yes no.
They cant make up their mind.

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