Top 10 sequels Sega has to make

It's no secret Sega has some of the best franchises in all of gaming history. And for some reason that baffles mankind, they choose to ignore these popular franchises to create new and far less attractive ones like Yakuza or Billy Hatcher...

For us, the ones we'd really like to see are either an update of Skies of Arcadia, or some new hotness from Streets of Rage. We'd forgotten that game even existed until the picture slapped us across the face. Punching and kicking at its best.

What Sega classics (and we're using that term lightly) would you like to see? While you're busy wishing, Joystiq wants a solid gold PlayStation 3. Just a little holiday FYI.

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calderra6291d ago

I'll prepay the full cost for a Skies of Arcadia sequel right now if it'll make it happen. Heck, I'd pay for two.

It's an incredible little game- one more reason why the Dreamcast was the greatest system that never took.

jules6291d ago

skies was a gamers game...beautiful to every detail...big pimp,2 chicks, pirates it had every thing...amazing experience...
as for segas 10... my list has a 3-way tie for 1st skies,panzerdraggoonsaga,shenm ue...followed by streetsofrage...goldenaxe...vi rtuacop or vf5(360) rounding off with a new real phantasystar, not mmo... daytona arcade would be nice...oh and that alex kidd...has it been 20 years...
but yes skies floats above most all rpgs

Pruby186291d ago (Edited 6291d ago )

was so awesome! i still have IV along with my genesis (i might just go play it). but they really need to make a TRUE phantasy star rpg. and a new shenmue would also be sweet.

MicroGamer6291d ago

until I noticed they left Space Channel 5 out. I want more Ulala!!

marionz6291d ago

i mean come on people! sega makes crap now days! anyone remember sonics 15th birthday! yeah he got a sh1t next gen game! sega has forgotten what quality controll is and they should be avioded!


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BrainSyphoned11d ago

There were hairstyles in elden ring? Didn't notice as I was too busy enjoying the game to get out my microagression bingo card.

CrimsonWing6911d ago

What’s wrong with character hairstyles? There’s such a variety of unique designs, what in the hell do you want?

Michiel198911d ago

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DragonBuster11d ago

Already done in Dragon Ball Z games.
SSJ3 Goku has the best hairstyle.