How To Unlock Super Saiyan 2 In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Playing as a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Xenoverse will let you go Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. If you are not looking for the skill you might miss it all together.

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Blackleg-sanji2900d ago

I just bought it..nice and simple lol

OmegaShen2900d ago

Got it, just doesn't feel worth it because I brought and not earned it from reaching it (like how Goku felt about becoming SSG).

Not much of a change from SS1-

TheLastColossus2899d ago

I'm so glad I got rid of this game and got Diablo 3 instead

Jebediah2899d ago

I'm glad you did too you dumb swine. Would have made the online community all the more terrible with your presence.

Canary2899d ago

...And if you're any example to go by, the online community must be pretty terrible already.

kingjoker342899d ago

Funny you cant afford a game without selling another.

2899d ago
kevinsheeks2899d ago

Bows to this great funny man

kevinsheeks2899d ago

do you have to use your created character in parallel quest in order to unlock stuff?