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Either Half Life 3 is Confirmed or Valve is Trolling Us Hard

SteamFirst: At GDC next week Valve has a session scheduled on Tuesday March 3rd at 3PM. Either they are insinuating something or trolling all of us extremely hard..

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Community2343d ago
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Jalva2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

The 3rd of the 3rd at 3pm... that's 3 3's!

PeaSFor2342d ago

im still expecting to see The Last Guardian before HL3

gatormatt802342d ago

Don't get your hopes up people. As was pointed out elsewhere its just a panel on "Physics for Game Programmers : Physics Optimization Strategies"

freshslicepizza2342d ago

half life 3 for oculus rift, that would be something.

SilentNegotiator2342d ago

I no longer actively care about HL3 or Last Guardian or similar long awaited games.

If they come, great. I'm sure they'll be plenty of fun. But if I let myself think about it and build up the hype, they will never live up to expectations.

nveenio2342d ago

I don't even need Half Life 3. Episode 3 in the same engine as Episode 2 would be fine. Just wrap the dang story up a little.

Sono4212342d ago

woah you guys aren't getting the big picture.. it's 3 3's... so... that means Portal 3, l4d 3 and Half life 3!!!!! :D omgg yayy! every gamer's dream come true :D (cries internally because you know they will never happen)

thorstein2342d ago

The game will simply be titled "3" because Valve would love to do this. They don't make trilogies.

I think it is part of their mission. Trilogies lull developers into complacency. I am hard pressed to find many games third iteration as the defining game in the series. I think they do this to force themselves to be creative and continue to develop great games.

Valve won't deliver the yearly update like EA or Activision do.

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NuggetsOfGod2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

L4d3 confirmed!

Hl3 is not being developed until the year 3333.

Gabes great great greatx33 grand son will anounce it at e3.

Then people will be like "what is half live?".

Then the game will be cancelled by all 3 devs working on it.

All this will be post ww3 when jesus defeats satan.

Shame really...

Fallout 4 will be out though...

Seriously, valve needs to make a next gen game.
No rts's or tf2 spin off card games either.

Or atleast release the new source engine to the public.

I do think they will make an amazing user friendly engine though.

pompombrum2342d ago

It's neither, they're just congratulating Rockstar for finally having a heists release date.

PoSTedUP2342d ago

you have 3 agrees and 3 disagrees. ....why? why is this happening?

Muzikguy2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

That first half made me laugh.... 3 times

thorstein2342d ago

3 threes is 9 and you have 9 agrees and 6 disagrees, which is 3+3.


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k3rn3ll2342d ago

No its just a speach about physics programming in games. Don't get ur hopes up

Davoh2342d ago

3 3's? HL9 confirmed!

OrangePowerz2342d ago

Half Life 9 confirmed.

Kidding aside, it's not necessarily a pick and choose what time and date you can give your talk. Sometimes you have to take the day and time that's assigned to you.

holysmokesbatman2342d ago

I hate valve for this, how long has it been since episode 2? And the thing that's most annoying, if they were to make a successful sequel now, it'd have to feel MILES different from episode 2, which btw as good as it is, still feels dated by today's standards, I'm afraid waiting this long has damaged the franchise forever, there is no way I can see that they can have solid continuity and success gameplay wise given how much things have progressed....

fanboysmackdown2342d ago

5-3's... Tuesday is day 3 of the week and HF3. Hurray for us!!

mep692342d ago

Tuesday is the 2nd day of the week, Sunday is the sabbath. Unless you're Jewish, then Saturday is.

Infinity_Rasta2342d ago

Im at the point of boycotting hl3 no matter what, valve have shown their true money making greed face the last couple of years and showed they don't really care about the fans that helped build them up in the first place.

Cha0tik2342d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a tech demo for Direct X 12 or something to troll us. Just like the Final Fantasy VII Tech demo on PS3.

bennissimo2342d ago

When I have controller in hand and I'm staring at the main menu, then I'll believe it. Until then, Gabe N is dead to me.

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solar2343d ago

HL:3 debuts on Valve's new VR hardware. I can dig it.

StrawberryDiesel4202342d ago

That's more than likely the scenario. They need something to help move those "Steam Machines." I could only imagine how much money/resources went into developing that hardware, they need monster games to move them. There is absolutely zero interest/hype for the steam machine currently. It's all about Xbone and PS4 at the moment. HL3 and L4D3 exclusive to steam machine is exactly what Valve needs at this point. Otherwise why would anyone buy one of those things over a PC?

Audiggity2342d ago

There's no way they'd sacrifice their PC install base. Perhaps a steam machine will come with a limited edition of HL3 for free, or some crazy discounted package w/ their VR - but to say HL3 is only available on a machine that isn't capable of true high performance would be crazy.

Exclusive to Steam? Yes!

Exclusive to Steam machine? No way!

Kingdomcome2472342d ago

I would cry if Half-Life 3 was exclusive to Steam machines. That would essentially force my hand making me buy a Steam machine. That is probably the only scenario imaginable that would get me to buy a piece of hardware for one game.

mushroomwig2342d ago

HL3 exclusive to the steam machines? Never going to happen. Remember the "steam machines" are nothing more than mini PCs that use exactly the same hardware that a normal computer uses and they're a niche market. They were never designed to compete with the consoles.

iamnsuperman2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

It's not half life 3. Gabe has gone on record to say it isn't in development nor does see they need for it. We will never get half life 3 as it won't do anything for valve (actually it could work against them since it has been talked about for so long it is ultimately going to disappoint)

Kingdomcome2472342d ago

Please don't say such awful things. :(

Captain_Wormy2342d ago

Purtty sure they're working on it as we speak.

FlyingFoxy2342d ago

Well the engine has been in development for over 4 years now, so i think it should be obvious that they are also working on the games.

It's definitely time for Valve to show off something even if their games aren't due this year, better late than never right.

TXIDarkAvenger2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

But Valve can't count to 3