Originally, the plan was naked Raiden's privates could get exposed during combat

Hideo Kojima has been posting some interesting trivia giving insight into the development of previous Metal Gear Solid games.

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DarkOcelet2640d ago

Dat Cartwheel image lol. Who the hell does that while he is naked lol?

"The original Metal Gear Solid is famous for its unique boss fights (mainly Psycho Mantis) but Kojima actually sees Decoy Octopus as an original approach to a boss fight as well: you’re expecting to fight him but never do."

It would have been very interesting to fight him. Hopefully we do that in MGSV.

Nyxus2640d ago

Also love how Snake in MGS2 says to Naked Raiden: 'Amazing how you walk around like that.'

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Relientk772640d ago

Glad this didn't happen lol

Rachel_Alucard2639d ago

Sadly the model has no genitalia mesh anyway

DarkOcelet2639d ago

LOL! Why would you even say that? hahahaha.

Rachel_Alucard2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Because I'm into cute men, real or polygons ;)

Snookies122639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

@Rachel_Alucard - See, that was my issue with Raiden. He was too much of a pretty boy to take over for Snake. Granted, I love MGS2 now. I just didn't like when I first played it because he was taking Snake's place.

MasterCornholio2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Hey your right. His 3D model doesn't have a dick. I never noticed that

P.S And I'm not going to post the picture. You can find it in Google by just typing Naked Raiden.

Rachel_Alucard2639d ago

Its the first comment in the article actually for convenience.

YamiMarik2639d ago

How the heck did they do a cartwheel sideways in that hallway?

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