Parents willing to trade children for PS3

St. Paul Pioneer Press - A Minnesota radio host asked folks if they were willing to give up their baby for 24 hours in exchange for one of Sony's highly coveted video game consoles. More than a dozen people called to offer up their kids, but only a few realized it was all just a gag.

"We got more calls than we could handle," said Dave Ryan, who referred to the practical joke as a "social experiment." "They were lined up willing to turn their kids over to strangers for a freakin' PlayStation."

KDWB morning show executive producer Steve "Steve-o" LaTart said he was surprised how many people were interested in the bogus swap, which consisted of handing over your child to LaTart for 24 hours in exchange for a PS3.

"There were a lot of phone calls that we didn't even get to, and I would say three- quarters of them were serious," said LaTart.

People with babies of all ages - including a 2-day-old and a 1-week-old - made it on air. One of the more serious sounding calls came from a woman named "Katie," who agreed to give up her 1-month-old for three days. She wanted to sell the PS3 on eBay to make some extra money for the holidays.

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maybe for a wii

but a PS3?!


power of Green 4335d ago

Why is PS3 hype so dam ridiculous.

ElementX4335d ago

I used to listen to that radio program. I haven't for years though, but they're always doing jokes on the air :)

Sphinx4335d ago

That is pretty funny... I'd trade my wife in for a day for one :)

Anerythristic264335d ago

This is really disgusting. These people should really be investigated. I don't buy a game until I am sure all my family obligations are taken care of , let alone trade my children for a day ! Wwow

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The story is too old to be commented.