Global Weekly Video Game Sales [7 February]

Vgchartz shows the weekly sales from the 1st until the 7th of February. Both hardware and software:

PS4 158,107 (+5%) 19,234,015
3DS 95,146 (+6%) 50,629,925
XOne 82,604 (+5%) 11,376,332
WiiU 44,183 (+19%) 9,182,027
PS3 44,161 (-3%) 85,150,396
X360 26,138 (+13%) 84,550,736
PSV 25,760 (-7%) 9,922,748
Wii 3,267 (+7%) 100,955,182

Weekly - Total
1 GTA V PS4 95,975 - 5,959,489
2 Advanced Warfare PS4 74,403 - 6,103,175
3 Pokemon OR/AS 3DS 63,817 - 7,778,684
4 Dying Light PS4 55,520 - 338,967
5 Far Cry 4 PS4 53,215 - 2,849,741
6 FIFA 15 PS4 53,065 - 5,567,807
7 Minecraft PS3 44,617 - 3,260,800
8 DB: Xenoverse PS3 42,404 - 42,404
9 GTA V Xone 42,194 - 2,381,107
10 Advanced Warfare Xone 40,247 - 4,121,405

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LostDjinn3396d ago

As long as you're making up numbers, can we see the dreamcast win next week?

elazz3396d ago

Im not remotely involved with vgchartz however it is always interesting to see how trends are moving around. That is why I've put this as a rumor because they are not always accurate and adjust numbers a lot to match reports from the publishers. Usually that is often too late though

xHeavYx3396d ago

Interesting to see that 7 of the first top 8 games are Playstation games.

Cindy-rella3396d ago

Its amazing how the more expensive ps4 is outselling the cheaper xbox one worldwide and its outselling it by a wide margin. It sold twice the amount of the Xbox one. I wonder what the sales will be like for the week the order 1886 was released on the ps4. Im thinking the game will do quite well worldwide.

chrismichaels043396d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued and impressive worldwide success. I can see 2015 being an even stronger year for the PlayStation brand with all of the great looking new games coming out this year.

Gamer19823396d ago

Although VGchartz numbers are always off they are never off by too much they are estimating which means there's a degree of truth to the numbers. Like the fact PS4 probably sold nearly double what xbox one did again is probably true even with yet again another xbox price cut in the UK (its £300 now over here with upto 4 games). We know its probably true because its being beaten in US and its not even selling more than 300 in Japan.

Zeref3396d ago

Its because the playstation is available in a lot more countries than the Xbox one. Otherwise it wouldn't be outsold by such a big margin.

MasterCornholio3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )


"Its because the playstation is available in a lot more countries than the Xbox one"

Isn't that Microsoft's fault though? They had plenty of time to distribute their system to as many regions as possible and dont tell me they couldn't due to financial problems.

The truth is if the Xbox One isn't selling in those regions its because Mocrosoft doesn't care about those regions. The reason why is because the console would sell extremely poorly in them.

Why else would they ignore all those regions?

P.S Are you Foehammer by any chance?

elazz3396d ago

On the various forum pages it was still unclear why the charts arrived so late.

Though the next one will already be available later this day so they might be speeding up to be up to date again

Insomnia_843396d ago

PS4 keeps selling 2x the amount of units than XBO every week, ouch!

Yaay4me3396d ago

I wonder what effect The Order had on hardware sales. This one is before the Order's release i believe.

Chevalier3396d ago

The Order came out on the 20th so it'll actually be the one for the 21st.

Yaay4me3396d ago

Oh yeah thats true, wow this report is like 3 weeks behind then.

BlackTar1873396d ago

This is the least active VGCharts article i've ever seen.

Spotie3396d ago

Well, there won't be anything to argue about, since one console keeps falling further and further behind. The fans that made a big deal about sales last gen don't want to talk about them now.

Gamer19823396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

They do on those couple of weeks a year Xbox manages to outsell PS4 in the US. They will make an appearance.. I am here to see the games charts.. Need Konami to sell lots of games dammmit if i'm gonna see that next Suikoden game!

Side note PS3 matching WiiU numbers.. WOW.

BABY-JEDI3396d ago

There's a lot of PS4 action happening in those charts. This means someone's going to be unhappy!

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