Twitch plays Halo and it's...interesting

Twitch channel 'TwitchPlaysHalos' is now live streaming Halo which is being played only by the current viewers.

Pull up a seat and grab a few drinks as it seems to be taking everyone a good half hour to get over a bridge without falling...But still quite interesting none the less.

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nicksetzer12903d ago

This will be interesting, I can't imagine they get anywhere near beating this game.

Stiffler2903d ago

It'd be impossible. They've now been shooting a rock for 5 minutes...

Snookies122903d ago

This is so extremely stupid... I love it.

TheNemesis5012903d ago

the issue is they can only to aim or walk or shoot, this game needs "and" not "or" they are not going to get past the first combat encounter.

Swiggins2903d ago

This is futile.

Twitch Plays Pokemon was only possible because Pokemon is a turn-based RPG laid out on a grid. It was therefore possible to make progress by imputing individual commands, Halo is a first person shooter that REQUIRES multiple inputs in order to function properly.

Twitch might be able to play another JRPG, but an FPS is simply out of the question.

Stiffler2903d ago

Agreed and well said but it's still pretty funny to see everyone attempt this. They were stuck at a bridge for soooo long lol

Swiggins2903d ago

I'd absolutely love to be proven wrong and read in a couple of months how TPH was victorious after months of attempting, but I don't think I'll be proven wrong like I was with Pokemon (I publicly doubted it could be I'm writing a thesis on it...strange times we live in).